• Here comes the new boss: fears for Halo's future

    Microsoft, Bungie and 343 Industries have bent over backwards to assure fans the studio handover won’t change anything for Halo 4. Mike Bowden dares to doubt.

  • Double Fine Happy Action Theater: Kinect-ing At Last

    A cheap and cheerful downloadable title has done more to sell Mike Bowden on the future of Microsoft’s motion control than all the auto showrooms and tactical commands in the world.

  • Counting pennies? It could be worse: you could be Danish

    Next time you ready a whinge about our mutual hobby, spare a thought for gamers outside Japan, the UK and US – like Mike Bowden, whose lament for our Danish brethren is echoed across Europe.

  • Stop making me learn: I don't have the time or the will

    Mike Bowden has fallen out of love with games: he’s bored of learning maps and button routines, and he has a life. Is core gaming refusing to evolve? Has the time-pressed family man been alienated for good?

  • Serious Sam 3 will "drop cartoony look," says Croteam boss

    Croteam boss Roman Ribaric won’t be drawn on any specifics about Serious Sam 3 as it’s “too early.” However, he will say that the cartoony look of old has been dropped. “”I can’t yet reveal any new features on Serious Sam 3, as it’s still too early,” Ribaric told Eurogamer. “However, I believe Serious Sam […]

  • Ex-Blizzard North exec to lead Gargantuan's Marvel MMO

    Ex-president of Blizzard North, David Brevik, will head up Gargantuan Games – part of Gazillion Entertainment – and his first job will be to oversee the development of the Marvel Universe MMO. Blizzard North is best known for the first two games in the revered Diablo series. BigDownload also points out that Brevik will be […]

  • Carmack: RAGE won't work too well on 3 DVD's, Doom 4 will

    id Software’s John Carmack has been discussing multiplatform trade-off’s with GameInformer and has said that putting RAGE on 3 DVD’s on Xbox 360 is a problem as the nature of the game won’t really allow for it. “We would love to set the thing up where it filled one Blu-ray disc versus three DVDs, which […]

  • Champions Online gets 10 new super screens

    Cryptic has put out ten, brand spanking new screenshots of Champions Online and Massively took up the mantle and hosted them. The superhero MMO is shaping up very nicely indeed, we reckon. Shame there’s no date yet.

  • The Saboteur gets dated

    EA has revealed that Pandemic Studio’s The Saboteur will be released on December 8 in the US and December 4th in Europe. (thanks, Blerk) The press release also points out that if you’re at ComicCon (we’re not…gutted) then you’ll be able to experience it for the first time, or something. So. December 8th (and 4th!): […]

  • 15 new Beatles Rock Band songs revealed

    Activision has just revealed 15 new tracks that will be on The Beatles: Rock Band disc when the game is release 9th September. The tracks also include the venues in which the songs where played. Here they are: Twist And Shout / Cavern Club Do You Want To Know A Secret / Cavern Club Can’t […]

  • Mark Rein: New Unreal Engine features "will blow people away"

    Epic boss Mark Rein sat down with VG247 at Develop in Brighton, England last week to chat about the firm’s Unreal Engine. Rein revealed that the engine behind APB (and many others) is due for an update and the new features “will blow people away.” “It’s a very mature engine and we’re adding great new […]

  • Watch as Tim Schafer talks you through Brütal Legend for 22 minutes

    After the break you can see 22 minutes of Brütal Legend gameplay accompanied by the man of the moment, Mr. Tim Schafer. Along side Tim are a couple of his Double Fine Studios colleagues, and they’re all chatting about how you control your moshing squad. Oh, and as Destructoid points out: “there’s Ozzy fucking Osbourne, […]

  • Red Faction: Guerilla DLC gets videoed

    CVG‘s hosting some footage of the new Red Faction: Guerilla DLC called Demons and Badlands. The pack will take place on Mars in an area outside of the original game-world and is out for PS3/360 on August 13. Click to watch.

  • Halo Wars Battle Map Pack now out [Update]

    The Major’s updated to reveal that the Halo Wars Historical Battle Map Pack is now available for download. The blurb: Expand your Halo Wars experience with the Historical Battle Map Pack Add-on. These four new maps highlight key turning points in the epic war between the UNSC and Covenant forces. The maps include: Blood River […]

  • PS3 motion control is "a couple of generations" forward, says Sony

    SCEE’s vice president of research and development, Paul Holman, has said that he believes that Sony’s motion control peripheral is a “couple of generations” ahead of of the current competition. “Oh, totally. It’s another generation forward, or even a couple of generations,” said Holman to EG when asked how Sony’s motion tech stood up against […]

  • First World at War Map Pack screens surface

    CVG has the first three images of the third Call of Duty: World at War map pack to be released next month. If you missed it earlier, Activision just announced that you lot downloaded map packs one and two 4 million times. You total nutters. Anyway, have look at the new one, innit.

  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma Co-Op shots look stunning

    CVG has some very colourful exclusive screenshots of TecmoKoei’s Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 that feature the first look at co-op play. Not very much is known about the co-op (exclusive to the PS3’s Sigma) side of things, but hopefully we’ll know more soon. Check them out.

  • Publishers remain quiet on UK game price increase

    After Activision bumped up the RRP for Modern Warfare 2 last week from £49.99 to £54.99, Eurogamer has asked other publishers if they are likely to follow suit. Although Ubisoft and THQ delined to comment, EA did have this to say: “There has been no change in our trade pricing policy and no change in […]

  • Battlefield 1943 weapons can be used in Bad Company 2

    The official Battlefield 1943 twitter page has updated to reveal that you can use the semi-auto rifle, sniper rifle, or SMG from Battlefield 1943 in the forthcoming Battlefield Bad Company 2. If you don’t believe us, check here. It says: “Think you’re a Bad Ass with BF1943 weapons? What if I said you’ll be able […]

  • PC exclusive Resi 5 clothes show Redfield in ridiculous studded leather

    Oh dear. Siliconera has a pic of the exclusive Resident Evil 5 costumes that come with the PC version of the game in September, and protagonist Chris Redfield’s cozzy (above)…well…looks a little bit silly. Sheva, on the other hand, is wearing a charming little secretary’s outfit that’s simply too tight for her. Shame. Click through […]