• Angry Birds gets crackling Halloween trailer

    Rovio, maker of hit mobile game Angry Birds, has released footage and details of a Halloween-themed edition.

  • Miner Wars trailer goes deep, has music

    Miner Wars, the ambitious space shooter-MMO, has a new trailer put together by audio director Dan Wentz. If the game’s style looks a little familiar to veteran players that’s because Wentz’s bio includes work on the Freespace, Descent, and Red Faction franchises.

  • Minecraft servers to link via portals, but "not soon"

    Block-building dark horse hit Minecraft will eventually become an interconnected world, allowing connections between different servers. The key word being “eventually”.

  • David Braben proposes six fixes for used game sales

    David Braben, the founder of Frontier Developments and a long-time opponent of the pre-owned games market, has written up six potential fixes to the “problem” – while also sinking his boot into the presently in-vogue “online pass” method.

  • EA buyout of Angry Birds publisher a done deal

    Remember the story earlier about EA sniffing around Chillingo, publisher of Angry Birds and new hotness Cut the Rope? The LA Times is reporting the buyout has gone ahead.

  • Insomniac's Price challenges press: cover the big issues

    The head of Insomniac Games, Ted Price, has taken to his company website to urge games media to focus on the bigger picture.

  • New Medal of Honor PC MP patch incoming, detailed

    EA and Danger Close have been receiving plenty of feedback from Medal of Honor players on the game’s online modes. Now they’re readying a second multiplayer patch.

  • Australian Classification Board outs "Marvel Pinball"

    Zen Studios, the Hungarian developer behind Planet Minigolf and Zen Pinball for PSN and Pinball FX for XBLA, is working on Marvel Pinball. Or at the very least, someone has secured a General rating for a game of that name in Australia.

  • NPD group tiptoes towards digital sales tracking

    US stat tracker NPD claims its decision to drop individual sales numbers for game software and hardware in favour of a top ten by title hasn’t gone down well in some quarters; the silver lining is it’s promising a new report which will, for the first time, capture digital and mobile sales.

  • Australian R18+ debate: waiting on "silent majority"

    The key ministerial roadblock to a R18+ rating for games in Australia – Senator Michael Atkinson – stood down from the front bench half a year ago. Yet Australian gamers of any age still cannot legally play games with content judged beyond a MA15+ rating.

  • Romero linked to dubious Facebook app company

    John Romero hasn’t had the best decade-or-so. At one time the biggest name in games development, the Doom designer exited then all-conquering id Software to head up his own uber project. Sadly, that project was Daikatana, an overblown, overhyped and ultimately mediocre FPS whose development went down in games lore as one of the biggest […]

  • DJ Hero 2 reviews has us falling in love again

    Activision Blizzard’s DJ Hero 2 hits stores today, and it appears reviewers have been having a Gaye old time. Like Marvin, that is.

  • Shogun 2 “not going out the door until the AI is perfect”

    Developer Creative Assembly has received plenty of kudos for its Total War series. It’s also received its fair share of flak in recent games for bugs and the quality – or lack thereof – of the game’s AI. No longer, apparently.

  • 60% of ACII players haven't completed game: Ubi

    Googling “Assassin’s Creed II too short” will return you around 176,000 entries. However, players who actually have completed Assassin’s Creed II are in the minority according to Ubisoft’s Gaelec Simard.

  • On sale in Nov: the Black Ops Jeep

    Forget racing games. The real crossover action between videogame and automotive industries is in first-person shooters. Just ask manufacturer Chrysler, who today announced it would release a special Jeep Wrangler to honour Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops game. Seriously. A car.

  • THQ plans four hits per year following Montreal announcement

    Fresh off announcing yet another dev coup – the signing of Assassin’s Creed boss Patrice Désilets – THQ executive vice president of core brands Danny Bilson has been discussing the company’s development plans around THQ Montreal.

  • New RDR Undead Nightmare trailer: Marston vs zombies in a graveyard

    As part of the lead-up to the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games has gotten into the spirit by releasing a trailer featuring John Marston, zombies, and… John Marston killing zombies.

  • Super Meat Boy to launch at discount price, will rise in Nov

    Super Meat Boy is currently basking in a warm critical reception ahead of its launch tomorrow. As a way of trying to entice a solid release for the brutally hard platformer, developer Team Meat has brokered a lower “price” with Microsoft, for October at least.

  • Ubisoft Montreal on Désilets’s move: It's a "shocker"

    Patrice Désilets’ decision to join THQ and create a studio in Montreal has seen an empathetic if surprised response from senior Ubisoft Montreal staff. Publicly, at least.

  • Rockstar's Dan Houser spills on RDR zombies

    Creative director and co-founder of Rockstar Games, Dan Houser, has opened up to GameSpot about the decision to flood the sober, western world of Red Dead Redemption with “inherently ridiculous” zombies.