• Export your Dance Central songs to Dance Central 2

    If you’re a bit of a Dancing Queen and were looking forward to transferring your songs (and killer routines) from Dance Central to the sequel, we have some good news – and some bad news for you. New information from Microsoft says that you will be able to do exactly that – but you’ll have […]

  • God of War developer hiring for new, open-world IP

    Oh, job listings, you are indeed the curse of keeping things quiet. While nobody’s been quite sure what Sony Santa Monica has been up to since God of War 3 was released last year, we’re now seeing inklings that at least some of the team is working on an all-new IP.

  • Marvel seeks video game partner for The Avengers

    The new movie adaptation of The Avengers is looking pretty good, shaping up for a cinematic release in the middle of next year. However, the video game tie-in isn’t doing so well, following the recent closure of both Australian THQ studios, who were developing the game. Now, because you can’t have a movie without a […]

  • Dead Or Alive 5 prides itself on being "entertaining"

    We don’t know much yet about Dead Or Alive 5, but we do know that it is a “fighting entertainment” game, no matter what you might think. That’s the way Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi describes it, and he’s got good reason for it.

  • Vita capable of ad-hoc multiplayer with PSP

    If you have a PlayStation Vita, but all your friends are living in the past with their puny PSPs, Sony has confirmed you’ll still all be able to play happily together.

  • Glitch beta officially reset in preparation for launch

    Beta testers of quirky cartoon MMO Glitch: The inevitable has happened. Developer Tiny Speck has pulled the plug and reset everybody’s progress, losing all of your belongings, hard-earned skills, currants and achievements. But this is a good thing, because it means the game is now that much closer to launch!

  • A little story time video, from Anarchy Reigns

    If you take Max from MadWorld and put him into a game with Leo the cyborg, and get the creator of Bayonetta to smoosh them all together, you’ll end up with Anarchy Reigns. And it’s just as bizarre (and brilliant) as you’d expect. In today’s new trailer, SEGA shows off a few bits of the […]

  • NHL 12 sets a new PB for first-week sales

    Gamers love their hockey now more than ever it seems, as Electronic Arts reports NHL 12 has sold more than 451,000 units in just its first week – a new record for the franchise when it comes to first-week sales. To celebrate, they’re taking the whole gang out – to Facebook.

  • Viacom sues former Harmonix shareholders

    Viacom is asking for a refund. That is, the company has found that it over-paid Harmonix stockholders in anticipation of certain Rock Band-related earn-outs that never happened, and it would like its money back, please. How much? US$131 million.

  • Firefall has pets, a Frag Doll, and a love of moustaches

    Firefall! Firefall! Firefall! We have not one, but threee exciting things to share with you about the game today (the extra ‘e’ is because it’s excellent!). The game is introducing pets, has recently signed up a former Frag Doll to work on eSports, and company boss Mark Kern is more than happy to talk about […]

  • Minecraft's block-carrying Endermen: "A horrible idea"

    Those scary new Endermen that were only just introduced to Minecraft have already had their powers turned down a notch (ha. Geddit?), which shouldn’t make them less terrifying, but will make them less annoying. Subtle difference, that – but a crucial one.

  • Steam unveils two great indie bundles: 5 games for the price of 1

    Looking for an indie game fix? Got a few bucks spare? Look no further that Steam, who is offering not one, but two awesome indie bundles for US$10 each. Which would you prefer? Indie 2D? Perhaps Indie Strategy’s more your thing? Either way, you’ll grab five great games for less than the price of one. […]

  • Mass Effect movie will be all about (male) Shepard

    In completely unsurprising news, Legendary Pictures has confirmed that yes, the Mass Effect movie will be all about Commander Shepard. It’s also (unfortunately) confirmed that the character in the starring role will be John, and not our beloved FemShep. That aside, it’s still good to have some news about the film adaptation, right?

  • FPS Freek EPIC - an X360 add-on that doesn't bring much to the party

    As you may have noticed, Gears of War 3 has launched around the world, which means the inevitable waves of authorised (or not-so-authorised) tie-ins are about to start. First off the blocks, the FPS Freek EPIC, a set of thumbsticks from KontrolFreek.

  • Zynga knows exactly what you want. More FarmVille.

    Zynga has just released the third expansion pack for uber-popular Facebook game Farmville. Lighthouse Cove now joins English Countryside and Lady Gaga-themed GagaVille in the time management farming sim, and Zynga explain that this is all part of giving gamers what they want.

  • Japanese AR pop star comes to smartphones to sell cars

    Want your very own blue-haired virtual popstar in your pocket? We’re sure you do. And Toyota is apparently convinced of the same thing, releasing an augmented reality application for your smartphone that will put Hatsune Miku right in the palm of your hand – or anywhere else you care to put the card.

  • Sony displays PS Vita in a number of eye-popping hues

    Of course, black goes with everything, but sometimes you want a little variety, right? Sony’s listening. While all the early Vita models we’ve seen have been in stock-standard Piano Black, we’ve found a video that shows off more than a few alternative options.

  • Harmonix spills the beans on what happened to Rock Band Japan

    Harmonix once promised that it would bring the Rock Band franchise to the squealing fans of Japan. That was in 2008, and since then, both Harmonix and co-developer Q Entertainment haven’t really done much else about it. Now, Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos has spoken about what happened, explaining – among other things – that “there […]

  • Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney looks at localisation

    This started out as just letting you know there are some awesome new screenshots for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney floating about the internets – and then we discovered that the images are accompanied by some pretty strong suggestions that the game will venture out beyond Japan.

  • Netflix splits in half - DVD service Qwikster also to include games

    By now, you’re probably aware that Netflix is dead. What we once associated with the name is, anyway. The company’s DVD-by-mail business has been split off, renamed “Qwikster”, and plans to take the world by storm in “a few weeks”. Oh, and it’ll ship video games to you, too. In the hours since the announcement, […]