• League of Legends will increasing LP after Season 3 ends

    After Season 3 ends, League of Legends will no longer ‘clamp’ League Point gains for players below Diamond tier, so that everyone advances through the ranks a little bit faster and combat a trend of players reaching a tier’s fifth division, burn out of low LP returns and become “increasingly toxic”.

  • Shroud of the Avatar's early access to start December 12

    The first stage of Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues’ early access will launch on December 12, allowing players to create characters and claim their own slice of real estate after experiencing the game’s first town. However, it’s only going to be available for two days and although the access will require you to play […]

  • You Don't Know Jack original series releases on Steam, on sale for $20

    To celebrate the 18th anniversary of You Don’t Know Jack’s release, developer Jackbox Games has fixed up almost the entire series to run on modern computers and released them on Steam. This includes the first six volumes of the series, alongside the special movies, sports and television titles.

  • Heroes of the Storm's first artwork is released, reveals heroes

    Blizzard has released the first artwork for its upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm and in doing so, revealed some of the heroes which will probably feature. In no particular order the characters featured are: Anub’arak, Illidan, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, the Witch Doctor from Diablo, Chen Stormstout, Diablo himself, Noba, The Lich King and Starcraft’s […]

  • PlayStation 4 set to launch December 17 in Korea, priced at ₩498,000

    According to Japanese news agency Yonhap, the PlayStation 4 now has an official Korean launch date of December 17. The unit will be priced at ₩498,000, which translates to roughly $500 US. If Google Translate is at all a reliable service, there will be 19 launch titles, of which five will be fully localised into […]

  • Wasteland 1 has been submitted to Good Old Games and Steam

    In the latest update to backers, inXile’s project lead Chris Keenan announced that the studio’s rerelease of Wasteland 1 – The Original Classic has been submitted to both Good Old Games and Steam for approval and should be available on those stores before too long. All backers of Wasteland 2, including those who are getting […]

  • Deathfire Ruins of Nethermore is a CRPG Kickstarter with 30 reward tiers

    G3 Studios’ Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore is an classic first person dungeoneering RPG in the vein of Wizardry or the Legend of Grimrock on Kickstarter. For what it’s worth, it looks alright and smartly targets an audience whose “heart sings” for the games of yore. However it’s also the latest in a troubling Kickstarter trend: […]

  • Spec Ops: The Line coming to Mac tomorrow for $29.99

    Cult hit Apocalypse Now-em-up Spec Ops: The Line is getting a Macintosh release on Steam tomorrow, courtesy of Cargo Commander and Rush Bros. developer Digital Tribe Games. The port will set you back just $29.99 (less in the upcoming Steam sales) and will be coming to the Mac Store later on. The port will feature […]

  • Why Forza 5 will only have a mere 200 cars compared to Forza 4's 500

    Turn 10 has fired a shot across Polyphony Digital’s bows in their decision not to carry Xbox 360 level cars over to the Xbox One, referencing the large proportion of Gran Turismo 5 and 6’s “non-premium” cars, which began life as PlayStation 2 models. Additionally, many of Forza 4’s tracks won’t be making the jump […]

  • Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One uses Kinect for leaning, yelling "MEDIC"

    Battlefield 4 will be making use of the Xbox One’s “higher fidelity” Kinect by allowing you to lean around corners using only your head, once Kinect figures out where you’re sitting. Additionally, you’ll be able to yell “medic” to the Kinect which will then use the “medic” voice command in game, so you can speak […]

  • Kinect Sports Rivals was made because Rare had "unfinished business" with "80% magical" Kinect

    The original Kinect was “80% magical” according to Rare executive producer Danny Isaac, because it sometimes worked and sometimes couldn’t figure out “what the hell was going on”. Due to the “higher fidelity” of Kinect 2 however, Rare has been able to deal with its “unfinished business” of making a challenging, core-focused Kinect Sports game.

  • Project Cars bound for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam OS

    Slightly Mad Studios, the team behind Project Cars has announced their going around track fast simulation will be going around the track on “next-gen” platforms next year, including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam OS. The team has promised the new console versions will represent “new benchmarks of graphical fidelity and technical power” as […]

  • Lococycle gets an FMV worthy live action trailer

    I’m not sure Twisted Pixel’s new live action trailer for Lococycle really gives me any better of an idea of what the game actually is, but it’s hard to stay mad at something starring Freddy Rodriguez, James Gunn and Tom Savini. The latter as a motorcycle. Check it out after the cut for some hot […]

  • Dynasty Warriors creator envisions the series' "more realistic" future on next-gen

    Hisashi Koinuma, Tecmo Koei’s executive vice president and go-to-guy for Dynasty Warriors raised the possibility of an open-world or RPG based Warriors game on the new consoles, with a “focus” on making the game “more realistic”, using more varied terrain and strategy. As well as the most realistic feature of all: “a lot more destroyable […]

  • Mercenary Kings coming to PlayStation 4 in winter, dev excited by Vita multiplayer potential

    Tribute Games’ (Wizorb) shoot-em-up and Diablo crafting simulator Mercenary Kings is set to launch on the PlayStation 4 sometime “this winter”. In addition to launching with co-op multiplayer, Tribute Games also hinted that a PlayStation Vita version might be in the works, with the ability to play co-op with PlayStation 4 copies of the game.

  • Pikmin 3 gets four new battle stages as DLC, one comes free

    Pikmin 3’s second offering of downloadable content has been announced, featuring four more of that game’s challenging battle stages. The set of four will remix area’s from Pikmin’s campaign into something a little harder and will be available for $1.99 on the eShop. In case you’re not really on board with the idea of more […]

  • SoulCalibur: Lost Swords' PlayStation 3 beta test date announced

    Namco Bandai’s free to play SoulCalibur: Lost Swords will have a four day ‘closed’ beta, starting a week from today. To get into the beta, all you’ll have to do is log onto the PlayStation Network and download the game’s four gigabyte client after the 14th and you’ll be able to mash it out with […]

  • SpeedRunners will release for free, charge for online play

    If you’ve not heard of it, SpeedRunners is a four player 2D competitive platformer with the design sensibilities of Super Smash Bros. Fast rounds, madcap chaos, an equal measure of skill and luck. While the game is currently available for $10 or seven pounds on Steam’s Early Access, its developer tinyBuild has announced the full […]

  • Europa Universalis IV's new expansion conquers paradise with a randomised America

    Paradox has announced its first major expansion for Europa Universalis 4, called Conquest of Paradise, which overhauls the game’s exploration systems. The expansion deals primarily with the European discovery and settlement of the Americas, the excitement of which it will maintain by randomising America’s size, shape and placement in the world.

  • Legend of Raven is coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with GGPO

    Legend of Raven, the enhanced PlayStation Vita port of Attack on Yatagarasu and not the recently IndieGoGo’d Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm for PC, is now coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime next year. What’s more, all three of Nicalsis’ ports will utilise GGPO matchmaking, so look forward to that.