• Infamous Xbox Live Indie dev releases "Homeless"

    The developers of such world-renowned titles as “Try Not to Fart,” and “Why Did I Buy This?” have released an all-new game with a much more somber tone. It’s called “Homeless” and stars a panhandler begging for spare change. Video after the break.

  • Zenonia 4 releases on iOS today, free

    You may not have heard of Zenonia, but it’s a fav-rave on the iPhone, especially in South Korea where its creators hail from. Over the past few years the series has been one of the most consistently solid action RPGs on the system, and that alone has garnered it a loyal fanbase.

  • Mega Man X releases on iPhone with copious microtransactions

    One of the all-time classic Mega Man games has now released on the iPhone. But it wont come cheap. Far from the iPhone average of $0.99/69p, Mega Man X will currently set you back $4.99. Moreover, the game is laden with a littany of microtransactions, though none seem to impede gameplay. They’re more bonuses like […]

  • Square Enix holding half-off iOS sale

    The deals have been dropping left and right today, but we’re especially excited to pick up some of the latest Square Enix iOS games in their half off sale starting today and running until January 4. Unfortunately, there’s a giant, glaring omission right now since Chrono Trigger is not on the list. However, all of […]

  • Next up in Xbox holiday deal is Kinect

    Microsoft announced the next two games to be discounted in its “12 Days of Xbox Live Deals” promotion running this holiday season. Unfortunately, you wont be seeing anything as awesome as half-off Bastion again. This week Kinect games are the star with Hole in the Wall and Leedmess. Both of which have been slammed by […]

  • Ubisoft announces huge Just Dance 3 stats

    Just Dance 3 isn’t all that popular in hardcore gaming circles so you’ll be excused for not noticing it before, but you should know that the game is incredibly popular. Two days ago it was announced that even though it launched over two months ago, Just Dance 3 for Wii was still the best selling […]

  • Capcom is holding a huge PSN super sale

    It’s the annual mega-sale season, and it’s definitely kicking up quite a bit. Earlier we covered EA’s big iOS sale, and now Capcom has announced a big sale on the PlayStation network covering a huge amount of their games and DLC.

  • World of Tanks boasts 18 million registrants, the developer behind the (apparently) hit MMO, World of Tanks, announced today that its community had hit a massive 18 million registrants. Now, as you’ve probably already guessed, that does not mean they have 18 million players, or even “active” registrants. It simply means that 18 million people have registered to play the game. […]

  • Humble Indie Bundle adds five more games

    Over its brief life span the Humble Indie Bundle has brought PC gamers some of the best deals in recorded PC gaming history. Now in its fourth incarnation, the HIB4 is digging deep for new levels of awesomeness, and somehow they managed it. Buying the HIB4 for more than the average price paid by others […]

  • Jurassic Park Episode 2 now available on iPad

    The latest episode of Telltale Games’ adventure game based on the Jurassic Park series is now available on the iPad. The second part of the episodic series is available exclusively for the iPad, and will set you back $6.99. The episode is called The Cavalry. “In Jurassic Park: The Game’s second episode “The Calvary”, Nima, […]

  • Limbo now available in Mac App Store, Steam will have to wait

    Playdead Studios announced today that the Mac version of their highly-celebrated platformer, Limbo, is now available on the Mac App Store, fulfilling a promise they had made that the game would ship “by the end of the year.” Which is cutting it close to say the least. However, those who are looking to get the […]

  • EA holiday iOS mega-sale goes live

    EA has announced that its (seemingly quad-annual) mega-holiday sale has been activated on the App Store. iOS gamers will be able to find nearly the entire EA catalog of games for $0.99 or 69p. The list is much too big to link all of them here, but simply type “EA” into the App Store’s search […]

  • Rift client $5 through holiday, gets bonus XP event

    Perhaps in an attempt to keep the game relevant as Rift faces its greatest threat yet in the form of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Trion Worlds has announced that for a limited time Rift is going on sale. From December 22 to January 2, Rift will only set you back $5. However, since Rift […]

  • Nintendo to release Wii Channel to fix Zelda saves

    Nintendo has announced an oddball fix for the game-breaking bugs found in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Rather than releasing a patch for the game like you might see in a PC, Xbox 360, or PS3 game. Nintendo has opted to release an entire Wii Channel to help fix the problem. The good news though […]

  • Game of Thrones RPG trailer, details finally out

    We’ve heard lots of rumors, but very little concrete information about the Game of Thrones RPG until today. Cyanide studios released some choice tidbits of information along with a new trailer showing the game in action.

  • Sony reveals two most popular Japanese Vita games

    Speaking to the PlayStation Blog, Sony has revealed the two most popular games during the PlayStation Vita Japanese launch. The two chart-topping games were Everybody’s Golf and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Sony has not yet announced how many units those two games sold. However, Eurogamer notes that the Japanese sales charts are due to be released […]

  • Dead Island sells 3 million copies

    Publisher Deep Silver announced today that their zombie opus Dead Island has officially sold three million copies. The publisher had previously stated that Dead Island had shipped two million copies during its release month. However, until now we didn’t know how many had actually sold. Not only did that initial allotment sell, but the game […]

  • Bioware says Old Republic "will never end," releases behind the scenes vid doc

    Hopefully all of the Star Wars: The Old Republic fans will take a break from their jedi-dealings long enough to read this. Bioware has been making some amazing comments today about their committment to making The Old Republic last indefinitely. And they’ve also released a great behind-the-scenes vid doc.

  • Muzyka: Next Dragon Age may draw from Skyrim

    According to a report filed by today, the Bioware’s Dr. Ray Muzyka said today that the next Dragon Age title will draw from the successes of other games in the genre, including Skyrim.

  • UFC app arrives on Xbox Live today

    Sprint to your 360s fight-fans, because the UFC app has officially gone up on Xbox Live as of today. The app will have on-demand fights available for download alongside HD pay-per-view events as well. It will also be an interactive app that includes a fight prediction game with friend leaderboards, and fight cards. The early […]