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Assassin's Creed: Unity guide - Sequence 9 Memory 2: Hoarders - Kill Marie Levesque

Defend the merchant, free Thomas Levesque, and assassinate Marie Levesque.


Assassin's Creed: Unity guide - Sequence 9 Memory 2: Hoarders - Kill Marie Levesque

This is a hell of an assassination mission, with some very tense crawling through an interior. Take it calm and slow - and don't miss our directions to Thoman Levesque, although rescuing him will put you at high risk of triggering an alarm, so keep at least one stun grenade in reserve.

  • Rescue Thomas Levesque
  • Don't trigger any alarms

Distraction Opportunity - Defend the Merchant
There's a very easy opportunity to make your life simpler right by the start of the mission.Approach the merchant on a cart down the street to the right, and kill the two guards harassing him. Speak to him, then follow him as he slowly makes his way down the street. You'll be attacked by three sets of guards on the way, but they're not too hard to beat. For shits and giggles, try to kill them in front of the cart; I triggered a pretty funny glitch doing that.

Assistance Opportunity - Prison Break Initiated
The next opportunity is a bit harder to get. Climb the front wall of the building you're supposed to be infiltrating to the right of the main entrance making sure to keep out of sight of any guards there. There's a sniper at the top and a guard who very slowly patrols nearby. Wait until you're sure the guard is looking away, then bag the sniper and the guard. Make your life easier by going to the other end of the wall and doing the same to any guards there; now there should be nobody watching the courtyard from above.

You need to get down to ground level and approach one of the locked gates to trigger the opportunity. There's a ladder against the interior wall on the side you climbed up; go down and take out the nearby guard with a phantom blade for best results. Approach the locked gate and you'll be prompted to lockpick or get the key. I found it easiest to get the key, as the patrol came back too soon for me to finish lockpicking.

Retreat behind the nearby cart and use Eagle Vision to watch your target and a guard approach. Use a berserk blade on the red one; your target will kill eventually him, making it easy for you to approach and assassinate the target when the ruckus dies down. If they spot you, quickly smoke grenade and kill them both; don't let the fight spread to other guards who might ring the bell.

Once the target is down, take his key and open the door. There's another one on the other side you have to do; be careful of guards on this side of the map. Once both gates are open, you should sneak back along the interior wall, avoiding the battle between guards and escapees, and climb the ladder to safety to plot your next move.

Infiltrate the Palace
You can get into the place most easily from the rooftops, moving to the south west to find an open window. A guard patrols to this window but for some reason I couldn't ledge kill him from beneath, so just wait till he's gone and then sneak in for a quick kill.

Find the Target
This is where it gets tense. There are multiple ways to approach this infiltration, including other entrances, so improvise if you like. This building is full of alarm bells, too; any time you happen to pass one with the coast clear, sabotage that shit. You can use blend to escape the guards' notice, but be aware that looting bodies and performing kills, even from a blend, will upset the crowd around you, which may draw more attention.

You need to head south west until you can use Eagle Vision to spot two guards at a door and another patrolling. Flirt with him until you can draw him around the corner, where you should be waiting in cover to kill him. This keeps his body out of view of other guards, unless you draw them too near.

Once that guard is down, all you need to do is use Eagle Vision to spot Marie Levesque, your target. Don't go after her just yet, because there's much to do in preparation yet, and don't bother taking down guards; more will come if you do, and life gets trickier.

Assassinate Marie Levesque
Instead, retreat back to the outside of the building through the window you used to enter. Go south west, chasing the other optional objective marker, until you reach a window you can climb in. Use Eagle Vision to spot Thomas Levesque and approach him.

You need to pick the lock to free Thomas, but there are two guards on the other side; you saw them a few moments ago. Have a stun grenade ready in case of emergency; when I opened the door and killed them, another guard happened to stroll in and made a run for the nearby bell. A stun grenade will save your bacon if this happens to you.

Go cautiously down the corridor, aiming for another pickable, locked door you can see with eagle Vision. There's a brute here who you should kill when he's about halfway down the corridor ahead of you and out of sight of other guards. Once he's down, return to the start of this corridor, face down it again, and look for the doorway leading to your left onto a gallery or balcony of sorts overlooking the party, with a sniper on it. Kill him and get out of there quick before the sniper on the opposite balcony spots you. head to the opposite balcony and do the same for the other sniper. On both balconies, keep well back to avoid being spotted from below.

Now you've done all you can and it's time to kill Marie. She's surrounded by loads of guards, and unless you pull off a perfect air assassination - very hard to do without being spotted - you'll trigger a huge fight. Whatever you do, you want her down quickly before someone can ring the alarm bell. What I did was use a berserk blade on a guard to help thin the ranks, then when things got quiet, snuck into the crowd, blended, and walked up to Marie and stabbed her when she got close. After the cutscene all hell broke loose, but the optional objective was done by then, so I threw down a smoke bomb and legged it out the nearest window.

Escape the Area
You know the drill - run, run, run to escape the mission zone.

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