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Assassin's Creed: Unity guide - Sequence 12 Memory 3: The Temple - Germain Boss Fight

This is it: the grand finale. The big showdown. The final boss. The end of Arno's story.


Assassin's Creed: Unity guide - Sequence 12 Memory 3: The Temple - Germain Boss Fight

This is the final mission. Thanks to the optional challenges, you have quite a drawn out infiltration ahead of you before the fight, so if you prefer to skip them just sneak in and climb the building with a moat to the very top. Note that this will make the journey from Germain's first location to the second quite difficult, so you'll want smoke bombs with you.

  • Three double assassinations
  • Two alarm bells sabotaged

Find Germain
Honestly, this infiltration would be a doddle if not for the optional challenges; Germain is at the very top of the building with the moat, so all you need to do is take out a few snipers on the external wall closest to that building and climb on up. But we're going to do this the hard way, I guess.

Start by approaching the wall bordering the restricted area right in front of your starting point. See that little tower sticking out of it there? We're going to use this as a point of reference. Turn on Eagle Vision and look at the wall (not the guys on the ground on the other side). You'll spot two guards standing right next to each other, plus one sniper on the left and another patrolling on the right.

First, take out the sniper on the left. Make sure the patrolling one on the right is walking in the other direction, then hop over the wall and stealth kill the sniper. If you are quick the sniper on the opposite roof won't spot you. Immediately climb back over the wall.

Move along the wall to the other side of the tower and watch the patrolling sniper. You see how he approaches the corner of the wall? There's another patrolling guard on this adjacent section of wall who can spot you killing him, so be careful. Again, once he's dead, get back over the wall.

We need to clear out one more sniper here to make life much easier. Go around the corner to the right and watch that patrolling guard I just mentioned. You'll see him rendezvous with two guards patrolling as a pair. Shimmy along the wall on the external side until you reach the rendezvous point. Stay there until they meet up and then start to move in opposite directions, then climb up and kill the lone guard. Don't touch the other two; immediately climb straight up the wall in front of you onto the roof of the tall building.

Put on Eagle Vision and sneak directly across the peaked roof until you see a sniper patrolling slightly beneath you. Wait until he gets really close, then assassinate him. The snipers opposite may spot you and call an alert, but don't worry, and trust me - it's better this way round than the other, as I'll explain in a minute. Whether you are spotted or not, proceed back the way you came, over the peak off the roof, and wait quietly until everything calms down as necessary.

Remember the two guards patrolling in a pair? With any luck they've already found and then forgotten about the body of their mate, so should be patrolling normally. Wait till they get to the end of their route where they would previously have met up with the lone guard you killed, and then double air assassinate them. That's one down.

Go back around to the front of the complex where the short tower is, and the two snipers facing inwards. Climb up onto the tower, shimmy around, and drop onto the beam above their heads. Position yourself carefully and double assassinate them. That's two - and trust me, trying to line this up with the sniper on the other side alerting everyone is not easy.

There are several more possible double air assassinations around but there's also a really good one later on - I'll let you know - so do as you like. We do still need to clear some guards out, though. Jump down into the hay cart in the corner of the walls and assassinate the brute, then clear the three nearby guards out however you like. I just walked up and stabbed them when their patrols were separate, but one time I accidentally double air assassinated the two that meet up by standing on the nearby shin-high wall. Amazing. Clearing these guys out means they won't see you going for the bells in a minute.

Unfortunately, there's another knot of guards that will. Climb back up onto the walls (there's a ladder by the hay cart) and head back around to where you double air assassinated the pair of patrolling guards. Ahead of you a short way you'll see a horrible mess of guards but you don't need to trouble them if you don't want to; just make sure you spot the sniper among them, who patrols a short distance along the front of a wooden platform, so you can quickly spot him again and check which way he's facing.

Turn to face the closest bell and look down. You'll see a couple of guards patrolling as a pair, and two more whose patrols meet up in front of a hiding spot next to the bell. Wait for one to get really close to you, then check that the sniper I mentioned isn't looking, climb down the ladder and off the closest guard as soon as he starts to walk away. Make a beeline for the hiding spot and wait.

Usually the two patrolling guards will discover the body while you're in the hiding spot, while the other will just return to stand in front of it. You should kill him, thereby stashing his body in the hiding spot, and then immediately get back in the hiding spot with him while the two patrolling guards finish their investigation. Once they start patrolling again, quickly slip out behind them and double assassinate them. If necessary, go back into hiding until that sniper forgets you again. Once you're in the clear, just sabotage the bell.

We're right by Germaine now - he's in this building with the moat - but sabotage the second bell first. Move towards it a bit and you'll see a haycart; make sure the brute nearby can't see you when you get in and when you assassinate the guard who comes to lean on it. Wait for the brute's patrol to get really close, then when he turns and walks away sneak out and stab him. Again, a sniper may spot you but if so just go into cover behind the hay cart.

There's a guard with a lantern who patrols into the cloisters closest to the building with the moat. Take him out when he's deep among the pillars, so neither the sniper above nor his friends at the bell spot you. Then turn your attention to the area around the bell.

There are two guards who face away from you, a guard who stands near a hay cart, and another who patrols near a hiding spot. Wait for the patrolling guards to look away, then get in the hay cart. You're going to assassinate the guard who leans against it, but not as soon as he arrives - wait for the guard at the hiding spot to glance away first.

Quickly sneak over to the other guard and assassinate him, then perform a double assassination on the two guards standing as a pair. This last isn't strictly necessary but if all hell breaks loose you will want them out of the picture as they're tough baddies.

You now have a clear run on the bell. Use Eagle Vision to make sure none of the nearby patrols are watching, then go sabotage it. Immediately retreat back the way you came to the building with the moat. If you need to, exit the restricted area and fill up on medicine and ammo; you're about to kick off the boss fight.

If you jump across the moat to the wall by the drawbridge you can use the tower on the left to climb all the way to the top without encountering any of the baddies on the balconies. Use Eagle Vision to check that you're in the right spot; Germain is highlighted in gold. Mantle to confront him in a cutscene.

Assassinate Germain
Your goal here is to approach Germain from the back or side so you can assassinate him without him using the Sword of Eden on you. It's not hard and in fact on my second go I found that if I just stayed where I was when the cutscene ended, I could just wait a few seconds and Germaine would turn instantly away. I stabbed him before he finished his first sentence.

Find Germain
Germain has legged it into the catacombs. The entrance is marked on your map but it's also pretty easy to find. Head back to where you sabotaged the second bell - be careful not to be seen by the guards in the far side of the bell from you - and look around. You should spot a free run path near by, where a slanted cart covered in a white sheet leads up to a gable and window. There's a brute patrolling here, as well as another guard opposite him. From your position, you want to approach the brute from the right and take him out with a stealth kill, then back right off and use a phantom blade to kill the other guard.

With luck, nobody spots the body before you can get up to the free run path, so take it - but don't go through the window at the top, just stop here where nobody can see you (hopefully). Turn on Eagle Vision. See how there are two guards standing facing down into the catacombs entrance and a bunch of guards patrolling nearby? Wait for that patrol to be looking away (say after they pass the pair of guards), then go through the window and perform a double air assassination on the last two guards. This is the good one I told you about.

All hell will almost certainly break loose, but just sprint into the catacombs; the guards will not follow you for any distance. Talk about style. With practice and luck you can dash straight down from the top of Germain's tower, through the free run, get the double assassination and sprint into the tunnels without ever being spotted at all; it's is spectacular. If you're more cautious, just gradually off all the guards in the area; a berserk blade and a poison bomb with speed things along.

Once you're inside, follow the linear path through the catacombs, jumping the pits, and interact with the door to trigger a cutscene and start the fight.

Assassinate Germain
Similar to your brief confrontation on the tower, you need to assassinate Germain by approaching him when he's not facing you. Note that you can make Germain turn away with cherry bombs, but poison bombs and phantom blades don't seem to have any affect on him.

Germain will attack you with bolts of energy from the Sword of Eden which do persistent damage. Most of the time if you stay in cover you'll be fine; use switch cover to move quickly around the room and avoid the bolts.

Sometimes Germain will pause and a pale visual effect will sweep out from his body in a circle; he's using Eagle Vision, I think, because after this he knows where you are, even if you've been in cover the whole time. When Germain raises his sword straight up in the air he'll do a area of effect attack which appears wherever he thinks you are, and you don't want to be standing there; move as soon as you see the Eagle Vision effect or the raised sword.

If you have a full pack of medicine you don't need to be too careful here; whenever Germain is facing slightly away, just run up and stab. You'll get knocked down, and it's unlikely you'll be able to get back into cover before he hits you. I found that two bolts from the sword would kill me immediately, so if your health bar is half way or less, pop a medicine or the next hit is an insta-kill.

After you've stabbed Germain and been knocked down, try and leg it back to cover, and use cover switch to escape his attention. When he turns away, rinse and repeat. It should be over pretty quick.

After the cutscene, you'll have to approach Germain and press the assassinate button. You'll then see some more cutscenes and the credits, because you have beaten Assassin's Creed: Unity.

When the credits have rolled (or you've skipped or fast forwarded them) you can return to Arno's room at the Cafe Theatre, where you'll find a letter from Elise.


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