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Assassin's Creed: Unity guide - Sequence 12 Memory 2: The Fall of Robespierre - Lockpick

Find and tail Robespierre, then break into his fortress to find information on Germain.


Assassin's Creed: Unity guide - Sequence 12 Memory 2: The Fall of Robespierre - Lockpick

If you find it difficult to avoid alerting guards and you want the challenge here, make sure you're stocked up with consumables so you can make good use of phantom blades.

  • Don't get into conflict
  • Lockpick one door

Follow Elise
As you follow Elise, don't start any fights. It sounds simple, but can you trust yourself? Ignore any crowd events that occur around you.

Investigate the Area
Having arrived at your goal, check out the narrow alley that's slightly to the left side of the facade. There's a soldier in here you can approach and speak with to trigger a cutscene.

Find Robespierre
It's not hard to avoid detection here if you play it safe, as all you need to do is explore the alleys - following the blood and the wounded soldiers' gestures towards the green search zones - until you've spoken to two more guards and found your target.

Tail Robespierre
This is where it gets a bit tricky, but if you just stay high and use Eagle Vision to keep Robespierre in sight, you can stay out of the way of any rooftop guards. If you are spotted it's usually best just to keep running and break their line of sight before they have a chance to get upset, but if you're sure a guard is alone you can assassinate him.

Find Robespierre
At the end of the chase you'll have to infiltrate the commune's headquarters. There are several approaches, as there are multiple windows you can sneak through, so feel free to take a different path here. The important thing is to be very, very careful of snipers, as they can see you from a long way off, and they'll often ruin your stealthiest plans.

Here's one way in: from your starting position have it away to the left across the roofs. There's a sniper just across the street you can sneak up on and assassinate. From here you have a safe approach to the building you need to infiltrate, so run on over and climb onto the wall. Before you look for an entrance, use Eagle Vision to spot another sniper above you; he's most easily dispatched if you climb around the corner of the building and then mantle up to stab him.

From this perch, which you've made safe, you can look down at the balconies where three snipers are watching for trouble. With a bit of luck, you can air assassinate the one furthest to the north and use his window to enter the building unnoticed.

Once inside, immediately take cover by the nearby door, then assassinate the guard who walks by. Head back along his patrol path and go into cover at the end of the hallway. With Eagle Vision, you should see three guards ahead, including a sniper and a brute. They are easily dispatched if you wait for the guard to patrol away, then stealth kill the brute first. If you're quick you can then take down the patrolling guard, then go into cover at the sniper's window to cover kill him.

Your next goal is the room to the south west. There's a sleeping guard here who's not much trouble, so ignore him and ping the guard in the head with a phantom blade before assassinating the brute and the sleeping guard. Finally, cover kill the sniper at the window.

Pick the nearby locked door then return to the interactive door to find Robespierre. Elise is very efficient at extracting the information you need.

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