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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 1 - A Spanner in the Works

Assassinate Rupert Ferris in this first mission in Assassin's Creed Syndicate.


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 1 - A Spanner in the Works

Objective: Locate and Assassinate Rupert Ferris

  • Reach Ferris
  • Sabotage the machines
  • Kill the thugs
  • Escape on the train

Your first target is easy enough, and this sequence will introduce you to the basic movement controls. Head to the left, past the large table and a bunch of children at work. Follow the icon upstairs, onto a ledge and jump to the other side.

You can go about sabotaging the machines in this warehouse with ease. No one will really bother you as you shut it all down. You'll be able to reach each machine easily. As you sabotage the last machine your target will walk below you - drop down and assassinate him from the air.

Outside you'll face three thugs - this is your chance to perfect your melee skills. Go through the door and head left, up the building and over the crane. Sneak past the red coats and stealth kill any that are blocking your path. If a guard spots you, just move out of his line of site and when he gets close pounce on him.

You're going to have to get violent with the last four guards. Stealth kill two of them, then step out and beat the last two down. Now open the factory entrance with the chain. The easiest method to get through this locations is to whistle, and when a red coat approaches, stealth kill him. You can also practice a lot of air assassination moves and other techniques here as it's not a particularly tricky section and there are plenty of red coats to bump off.

Follow the waypoint to the cutscene, then climb your way over and across the map, where you'll encounter the least resistance. Staying high will put you in the perfect position to air assassinate Ferris when the time comes.

Once Ferris is dead, move through the factory to the exit, then drop onto the train below. You'll fight a number of guards on the way, and then watch a cutscene as the train derails. From there, make your way down the track to the ground and you've completed the sequence.

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