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Amiga classic Flashback is getting a Dreamcast release next month

The Dreamcast isn't dead. The Dreamcast will never die.

Flashback, a game originally released in 1992, which many of you will know as one of the iconic side-scrolling adventure games of the Amiga (and eventually,
the Sega Mega Drive) era, is getting a re-release. Here's the thing, though - it's getting a re-release on the Dreamcast.


Before you ask, I'm not talking about the slightly dodgy remake of the game that came out on Xbox 360 some years ago, I am actually talking about the very original version of the game. Blurry, pixelated graphics and all.

After the initial confusion and surprise that, yes, there are places out there that apparently still produce game releases for the Sega Dreamcast, GD-Rom discs and all, it's especially intriguing that Flashback was one of the games singled out for such a release. I'm not complaining, I loved Flashback when I was younger, even if I'm not sure I ever actually finished it, but it seems like a somewhat bizarre choice.

The newly remastered Dreamcast version is built to accomodate 16:9 displays and features set of filters and scales, all of which are customisable in the options menu. None of this answers the question of 'why this and why now?' but I guess we can just enjoy the fact that life still comes with surprises every now and then. You can see footage of the Dreamcast version of Flashback in the below video.

This new release of the game is due for release next month and is currently available for pre-order exclusively at Play-Asia, where a fully boxed, region-free copy will cost you £31.75 / $39.99.

Flashback on Sega Dreamcast for £31.75 / $39.99 from Play-Asia

Now who do I have to hassle to get Jungle Strike ported to Switch?

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