Genshin Impact Windtrace | How to earn Windtrace Coins in the prop hunt event

By Rebecca Jones
17 May 2021 13:32 GMT

Windtrace is a new event added to Genshin Impact with v1.5. It’s a limited time event, running from May 14 until May 24.

Referred to as a prop hunt or hide-and-seek event, Windtrace sees the player randomly assigned one of two roles: Rebels and Hunter. The Hunter is tasked with finding the Rebels, while the Rebels’ aim is to hide from the Hunter.

The main drive of the event is to earn Windtrace Coins, which can be redeemed for various rewards that carry into the rest of the game.

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How to play Windtrace in Genshin Impact

You need to have achieved Adventure Rank 20 or above before you can play any Windtrace events. Furthermore, you can only participate in Windtrace events in areas where you have unlocked all of the Statues of the Seven.

With those prerequisites met, look for the Windtrace event icon on the map. (It looks like a black cat face with a white mask around the eyes.) Go there and speak to new NPC Gygax to begin a game.

Windtrace is an asymmetrical PvP mode in which a single Hunter attempts to capture multiple Rebels. The Rebels, on the other hand, must attempt to evade capture until the timer runs out.

Power-ups known as Windward Arts exclusive to the event allow Rebels to disguise themselves and their locations. The Hunter can use their own Arts to pinpoint Rebel locations and remove disguises. Both sides can also collect randomly-spawning Favors to aid them in their task.

How to earn Windtrace Coins in Genshin Impact

Windtrace Coins are the main reward for participating in Windtrace events. This currency is unique to the event, and can be distinguished from regular Mora by their coppery colour and by the cat face image on their obverse side.

There are a number of specific feats you can perform to add to your score. Winning a round obviously results in a big pay-out, but there are a total of 20 conditions you can meet to earn more coins. Even losing has its benefits, if you manage to do it in a particularly impressive fashion.

Coin bonus conditionTeamReward (in Windtrace coins)
For each victoryEither100
Attain "Final Countdown" while playing as the Hunter: capture all the Rebels within 120 secondsHunter100
Attain "Cleanup Time" while playing as the Hunter: capture all Rebels before this round endsHunter100
Attain "Last Spark" while playing as a Rebel: be the sole escapeeRebel100
Attain "In Broad Daylight" while playing as a Rebel: be marked by the Sensor Aura 3 times but still achieve victory without getting capturedRebel100
Attain "Fight to the Finish" while playing as a Rebel: achieve victory without being capturedRebel100
For each Rebel captured while playing as the HunterHunter80
For each "Favor" gainedEither50
Attain "Rapid Offensive" while playing as the Hunter: achieve victory within 30 seconds of using a "Secret Favor"Hunter50
Attain "The Hunter's Defeat" while playing as the Hunter: 1 Rebel escapes captureHunter50
Attain "The Hunter's Error" while playing as the Hunter: 2 Rebels escape captureHunter50
Attain "No Return" while playing as the Hunter: fail to capture any RebelsHunter50
Attain "Safe Withdrawal" while playing as a Rebel: be marked by Mysterious Hunch 3 times but still achieve victory without getting capturedRebel50
Attain "Aegis of Justice" while playing as a Rebel: use a "Secret Favor" onceRebel50
Attain "Tacit Understanding" while playing as a Rebel: achieve victory thanks to your teammates after getting capturedRebel50
Attain "So Close, but So Far" while playing as a Rebel: be the last Rebel to get capturedRebel50
Attain "Recon in Force" while playing as a Rebel: be the first Rebel to get captured in this roundRebel50
Attain "Utter Chaos" while playing as a Rebel: be the second Rebel to get captured in this roundRebel50
For each second the objective is achieved ahead of time while playing as the HunterHunter1
For each second you remain free while playing as a RebelRebel1

There is a cap on how many Windtrace Coins you can carry at a time. On the first day of the event the cap was 1,200. The cap will raise by 600 per day for the first six days of the event, reaching a maximum of 4,800. Check in periodically for the chance to exchange your coins for rewards.

You should also note that you can only earn Windtrace Coins in randomly match-made games. Players in a custom co-op party can’t earn rewards in the Windtrace event.

What are Windtrace Coins used for?

You can trade in your Windtrace Coins for a suite of rewards. These include a fixed amount of Primogems and Mora coins every time, as well as a variety of Character EXP Materials depending on the number of coins you bring to the trade.

Bringing back the maximum number of coins will net you the event’s special reward: a new, exclusive namecard.

# of Windtrace CoinsPrimogem RewardCharacter EXP Material RewardMora RewardNamecard Reward
30030Guide to Freedom x320,000n/a
60030Hero's Wit x320,000n/a
90030Guide to Resistance x320,000n/a
1,20030Hero's Wit x320,000n/a
1,50030Guide to Ballad x320,000n/a
1,80030Hero's Wit x320,000n/a
2,10030Guide to Prosperity x320,000n/a
2,40030Hero's Wit x320,000n/a
2,70030Guide to Diligence x320,000n/a
3,00030Hero's Wit x320,000n/a
3,30030Guide to Gold x320,000n/a
3,60030Hero's Wit x320,000n/a
3,90030Mystic Enhancement Ore x620,000n/a
4,20030Hero's Wit x320,000n/a
4,800n/an/an/aCelebration: Peekaboo! x1

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