Demon’s Souls | How To Beat Adjudicator

By Oroboro
13 November 2020 21:12 GMT

The Adjudicator – like many of the bosses in Demon’s Souls – can be defeated quite easily if you know what you’re doing. The key to defeating the Adjudicator is attacking the bird in his crown. You can do this by shooting arrows/casting spells at him from above or stunning him with melee by attacking the broken meat cleaver in his side.

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Demon’s Souls – How to beat Adjudicator

Demon's Souls | Adjudicator Weakness

He only has three attacks at his disposal and all of them can be easily dodged.

  • The first attack is his tongue lash, which he will only use when you’re above him. This attack breaks some of the floor above him, causing any players on it to fall
  • The second attack is a vertical chop. This attack can be easily dodged by rolling to the side and will be used when you’re above and below him
  • The third attack is a horizontal sweep. Stay on the right side to dodge this attack if possible so you can hit his broken meat cleaver as soon as he’s recovering. For both attacks, you can listen for the bird chirping and know when he’s about to swing

When using ranged, you want to head down the stairs to the second floor and lock onto the bird. You need to peek out from the ledge and attack, then quickly back up until he does the tongue lash and breaks part of the platform.

Stay in the middle of what remains of the platform and keep attacking. When he does the cleaver chop, roll to the left. When he does the tongue lash, roll to the right. This should make for a quick and easy boss fight.

The best way to kill the Adjudicator is to use Flame Spray. Flame Spray can be learned from Sage Freke after defeating the Armor Spider in World 2-1. You can use it here to melt him from above.

Run to the usual ranged spot and immediately start casting it on the bird. Because you don’t need to roll through any of his attacks, you can constantly deal damage while strafing and kill him extremely quickly.

After you defeat the Adjudicator, you will receive the Swollen Demon’s Soul. You can use this to create the Meat Cleaver, one of the strongest weapons in the entire game. You can also use it to learn the Regeneration miracle from Saint Urbain.

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