Mario Kart Live players are running into trouble with their cats

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 16 October 2020 12:36 GMT

Mario Kart Live players are starting to run into some… not entirely unexpected problems.

Mario Kart Live, the AR-infused RC racing set/game from Nintendo, is available now worldwide. We’re still waiting on players’ first impressions, but one thing you may not have seen coming is how house pets will react to a toy car rolling around.

Cats, in particular, cannot be trusted to keep their cool when they spot a moving object. Twitter user Yamanoneko_23 found that out first hand when their two cats decided to stop the car dead in its tracks, and wreck their setup.

They’re not entirely alone in this struggle, either. Unranked Podcast posted a similar video where a curious cat ends up running from the RC car. We feel for the poor, confused cat.

Mario Kart Live is available now on Amazon.

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