PUBG gets decoy grenades, MG3 LMG and more in new patch

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 19 August 2020 13:50 GMT

PUBG has just received some new content.

Patch 8.2 for PUBG has been released on the PC’s live servers, following a week of testing.

The patch follows just a few weeks after the Sanhok overhaul that kicked off Season 8 in July. The biggest new arrival with 8.2 is the MG3, a powerful, crate-only LMG. The MG3 has a high 990 rate of fire that makes it deadly. You can also toggle on a slower, 660 ROF for better accuracy. In either case, the MG3 comes equipped with a bipod.

On top of its excellent damage against other players, the MG3 also deals more damage to vehicles than any other weapon, with a 1.25x vehicle damage multiplier. The MG3 fires 7.62mm rounds, with a magazine that holds 75. You can attach scopes to the MG3, up to 6x.

Another new arrival is the Decoy Grenade, which joins the loot pool in Sanhok. It works just as you imagine: you throw it and it plays random firing sounds to cover your approach, or potentially lure other players into a trap. You can cook the Decoy Grenade like you could other grenades, and its noise lasts for ten seconds.

On the subject of new content, Erangel has seen a neat new addition in the form of four new docks across the game’s beaches and wharves. You’ll find them at Novorepnoye, Ferry Pier, the southern beach of the mainland, and the northern beach of Sosnovka Island.

The developer has also re-done the models and in-game sounds for the M416, K98, and SKS to improve their visual fidelity. Those who hate it when helmets ruin their appearance will be happy to know that you can now automatically hide the helmet. Keep in mind, however, that this only applies to what you see; other players will still see the helmet you have equipped.

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