The best Xbox One Black Friday deals 2019: Xbox One X bundles, games, and Game Pass

By Staff, Monday, 25 November 2019 13:19 GMT

Black Friday itself may be behind us now, but as the weekend of deals morphs into Cyber Monday there’s still plenty of great Xbox One Black Friday deals to be picked up. We’ll update this page regularly as the deals continue pouring in, so keep this hub bookmarked for all the best Xbox One offers!

The Xbox One can has had a pretty strong showing for Black Friday weekend thus far thanks to some seriously good bundle deals. Whether you’re in the market for a casual Xbox One S to game on here and there, or you want to splash the cash and pick up the more powerful Xbox One X, there are plenty of bundles to choose from this year, including the newer disc-less All Digital Edition. Also, with Project Scarlett launching next year, you won’t find better prices on Xbox consoles than now.

Of course, you’ll want to purchase some Xbox One games once you’ve bought a console. To help you find some great games to add to your collection, our Xbox One Black Friday game deals page is the best place to be. You’ll be able to buy AAA titles like Gears 5, Borderlands 3 and more for the cheapest prices they’ve ever been. What’s more, the prices keep dropping as Black Friday marches on!

Today’s best Xbox One Black Friday deal

By far the best Xbox One deal we’ve seen on Black Friday is the huge price cut given to the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Retailers have slashed the price of the disc-less console to around £129, but Amazon has bundled in a Turtle Beach Recon 70X headset for just £10 more. Both of these bundles come with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Fortnite V-Bucks and skins.

Perhaps you’re also in the market for a new controller for your Xbox One or PC? Well, there are loads of great savings to be made on Xbox One controllers this Black Friday week. Also, if you’re intrigued by Game Pass Ultimate’s offerings, we’ve highlighted some of the best deals for the subscription service. It’s already fantastic value, offering a host of amazing games for a small price, all things considered. So, getting an even better deal on Game Pass Ultimate is an absolute steal and well worth going for.

Just below we’ve rounded up all the best Xbox One deals, and be sure to keep checking back for all the latest offerings!

The Best Xbox One Console Deals

In the US:

Some of the best Xbox One deals of the season went live at Amazon US and were snapped up pretty quickly, but Walmart seems to be taking up the slack with comparable offerings too. The Xbox One X bundles are the best deals of the bunch if you want the super powered console. If you don’t have a 4K TV, though, the Xbox One S is more cost-effective and you can also get Gears 5 or Jedi: Fallen Order with the console. Finally, if you just want a console, you can grab the Xbox One S All-Digital version for just $149. That’s an amazing price!

In the UK:

The UK has the US beat for Xbox One X bundle. Argos has a fantastic lineup of Xbox One X bundles for just £304.99. Amazon UK also has a few bundles worth considering, but Argos definitely offers the best deals right now. When it comes to the Xbox One S, though, the UK hasn’t had many spectacular ones yet, though a few are turning up – if any further arrive, we’ll add them below!

Xbox One X deals:

Black Friday has seen a fair few excellent Xbox One X bundles come up for grabs with Amazon US earlier, but Walmart are now matching them with three Xbox One X bundles for $349:

In the UK, Argos has some cracking deals on Xbox One X bundles:

If Argos sells out, though, you can still grab some good deals from Amazon UK:


Xbox One S deals:

Amazon US put some Xbox One S bundles live earlier, and though those now appear to be gone, Walmart have price-matched them. If you’re not interested in the X, you can grab the same game bundles with the S for cheaper:

If you’re okay with disc-less gaming, you can grab the Xbox One S 1TB All-Digital Edition with two games and some Fortnite content – Sea of Thieves, Minecraft and 2000 Fortnite V-Bucks for $149 from Walmart.

In the UK, you’ve got a few options from Amazon UK that, while not necessarily blockbuster, are still worth considering:

Xbox One game deals:

Sometimes, the best Xbox One Black Friday deals are about the games, not the consoles. For those that want to try a subscription model for games, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Month Membership for £1 for those in the UK is a phenomenal deal. Don’t worry, America, you get the same deal but for $1.

There are also some good game deals you can get in the US right now:

There are also some great Xbox One games on sale via digital codes. If you’re thinking about getting an All-Digital Xbox One S, you’re in luck:


Xbox One Accessories:

Need a new Xbox One controller? Amazon UK has a bunch of them on sale in a variety of different forms.

What Xbox One Black Friday deals are we expecting this year?

The All-Digital Edition will be just $149.99, while an Xbox One S 1TB with NBA 2K20 will be down to $199.99. As for the more powerful console, there’s going to be Xbox One X with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for only $349.99. Fallen Order has only just come out!

We also know that a range of Xbox One controllers will be reduced by $20 for Black Friday thanks to an early Microsoft announcement. Many different colours and styles will be featured, including rare and limited editions. It’s pretty likely all retailers will follow this $20 off model, but some might offer an even deeper discounts for Black Friday.

Xbox game deals will be an interesting one to follow, what with the rise of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate over the last few months. Many Xbox One owners are turning to that subscription service as it offers a healthy library of titles to play – a number of which are brand new releases, too! Microsoft has also already confirmed, though, that Sea of Thieves: Anniversary Edition will be 50% off for Black Friday.

expect xbox game pass ultimate to be involved on Black Friday

So, could some of the biggest Xbox One games get hefty discounts? Perhaps, though we’d actually expect Microsoft to continue pushing the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service even harder over Black Friday. They’re already offered six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the price of three and now there’s a $1 for three-month offer for new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. On Black Friday, you can expect to get an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 month membership for $24.99.

Outside of that, though, we should see some discounts on newly released Xbox One games. Titles like Gears 5 for $24.99 and Forza Horizon for $19.99 will top Best Buy’s ad this year, while Madden 20 for $29.99 will be a doorbuster for Target’s sale.

What about an Xbox One X Black Friday deal?

You’ll be able to get Xbox One X with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for just $349.99. It’s not quite down to that dream $300 price point, but it’s still a terrific deal as Microsoft has been a little shy to discount its more powerful console in the past. With time moving on and the release of Project Scarlett approaching, it makes sense to see a significant Xbox One X Black Friday bargain.

here's hoping for an xbox one x Black friday deal

Remember, the super-console sells for around the $500 mark as part of a bundle. A $150 cut is more than reasonable and represents a solid saving on the Xbox One X console.

What was that about Project Scarlett coming out soon?

Microsoft recently confirmed that Project Scarlett will launch in ‘Holiday 2020’ with Halo Infinite. The hype for their next-generation console is slowly building alongside the PS5. A year away may feel like a long way off, but it’ll come around sooner than you think!

With all this in mind, we don’t blame you if you’re hesitant to pick up an Xbox One Black Friday deal. However, with the looming release of Project Scarlett, forking out the money now might work in your favour as retailers look to discount their current stock of Xbox One S and Xbox One X Consoles considerably.

What Xbox One Black Friday deals did we see last November?

Last year’s Xbox One Black Friday deals were wild, varied and a little underwhelming.

Gears 5 is one of the Xbox One Black Friday game deals we want to see

Outside of the $200 Xbox One S consoles, there wasn’t much that really grabbed our attention. There were a few big name games that saw price cuts to the tempted $30 mark, so that was nice. We also saw Xbox One controllers get reduced, thankfully bringing them down to a more reasonable price for once!

The Microsoft Store was good for digital game deals, though. As we’ve moved another year into the future and digital sales continue to grow, this could be an area that Microsoft looks to capitalise on for Black Friday 2019.

Altogether, we’re pretty excited to see what Xbox One Black Friday offers are up for grabs in 2019. With the momentum of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate behind them, the release of Project Scarlett coming soon and whatever moves Sony decides to make, it could be a fruitful time for buyers!

Wait a sec, what’s Black Friday?

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid Black Friday throughout your life, then you’re in for quite the surprise. It’s an annual sales extravaganza that’s huge in the US and has filtered its way into the UK as well. Basically, it’s when the retailers want to shift all their excess stock, mark the prices down and kickstart a feeding frenzy for consumers who want to bag some really low prices.

This year, Black Friday falls on 29th November 2019. However, the sales actually last for about 3 weeks surrounding that date – or even earlier in some cases! That’s why we’ve started to gather up the best Xbox One Black Friday deals now, in case anything especially exciting drops early. You’ll be able to find everything that comes out early or in the days after Black Friday right here.

To see what the competition is up to, you can also check out our hub pages dedicated to the best PS4 Black Friday deals and best Nintendo Switch Black Friday sales. All will continually be updated as Black Friday draws ever closer like the ominous retail monstrosity it is.

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