Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been, uh, remade in Dreams

By James O'Connor, Monday, 22 July 2019 00:21 GMT

Dreams, currently in early access, continues to be a pretty spectacular game builder.

The level, by user ‘sosetsuken5360’, is called ‘FFVII Dreamake’, and recreates – judging by the video posted by artist Figburn – one of the battles from early on in the game.

In the video, embedded below, you’ll notice that they’ve nailed the game’s UI, and that the character models really do look like Cloud, Barret and Tifa (albeit with that slightly wobbly Dreams run). The attack animations, the damage counters, the combat system – it’s clear that a whole lot of work has gone into this.

Pretty damn impressive, right? Obviously it would take a lot of time and skill to make something this good.

Since Dreams went into early access earlier this year, we’ve seen some pretty astonishing stuff coming out of it. There was that astonishing X-Wing demo back in May, and before that, the opening section of Metal Gear Solid remade pretty faithfully.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake won best in show at the Game Critics Awards at E3 this year, and our own Kirk McKeand had a lovely time with it.

It’s due for release on March 3 2020, but you can play this remake-of-a-remake now, if you have Dreams.

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