The Division 2: End game specialisations and skill tree breakdown

By Shabana Arif, Wednesday, 6 March 2019 14:15 GMT

Check out the skill trees for The Division 2’s Demolitionist, Survivalist, and Sharpshooter.

Arekkz Gaming‘s Taylor is on hand to explain how The Division 2’s Specialisations and skill trees work in the game.

Each Specialisation gives you:

  • A unique signature weapon
  • Skills mod
  • Grenade mod
  • Weapon attachments
  • Tactical link for a group buff
  • Armour kit talents
  • Weapon bonuses
  • Signature weapon ammo talents

The video breaks down the three Specilisations: Demolitionist, Survivalist, and Sharpshooter, which you can check out below.

Each Specialisation offers a variety of abilities and perks, as well as specific outfits unique to them.

As well as the Speciailisations opening up in the end game, you can read more about what to expect, like the Black Tusks faction, specific to the endgame, that are going to be the toughest yet.

The Division 2 is out March 15 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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