Fortnite: Last month’s revenue down by almost 50% since December, as digital game spending declines

February 24, 2019 Shabana Arif

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Despite an overall year-on-year increase in sales, Fortnite saw a 48% drop in revenue last month, compared to December.

SuperData reports that the game’s decrease in revenue was across all platforms after a particularly lucrative December.

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Last year, Fortnite made over half a billion dollars on iOS. The game launched in March, so that figure is for less than a year, and doesn’t take Android revenue into account.

As impressive a feat as that it, Fortnite mobile was absent from the top 10 grossing mobile titles for January 2019.

Candy Crush, which finished the year with over $1.5 billion in player spending, is the fourth highest-grossing mobile title on the chart. Pokemon Go, which generated around $800 million on both Android and iOS over the course of 2018, was the second highest-grossing mobile game.

Fortnite was the fifth top-grossing game on PC, and the second highest on console.

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Digital video game spending was down across all platforms by 6% year-on-year. Console revenue dipped by 3%, while PC saw a larger decline of 29%.

Earlier today, Epic released the first image teasing Season 8 of Fortnite, which appears to have a pirate theme.

The devs also said they’re looking into a respawn mechanic. You can find out more about what they have planned for the game in our round-up following the AMA on Reddit.

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