Division 2: Artifacts location guide

By Shabana Arif, Saturday, 9 February 2019 08:59 GMT

Looking for precious artifacts in The Division 2 private beta? Look no more.

The Division 2 is having a private beta this weekend, and as well as getting some hands-on time with the upcoming’s game main and side missions, you can also snaffle up a variety of collectibles.

There are 13 Relics and Paintings available to collect in the game proper, so if you see yourself as a budding antiques or art dealer, we’ve got a treasure trove of goodies for you. Here’s what you can find in the beta.

White House

#1 – Relic: George Washington’s Battle Sword and Scabbard

Leave the White House via the southeastern gate. To the left of the path, you’ll see two thin trees and a bigger, bushier one. Head towards the rightmost of the thinner trees. There’s a dead body at its foot, and the sword and scabbard are lying next to it.

#2 – Painting: Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci

This one is hidden underground and you’ll need to have liberated the Ellipse Fuel Depot Control Point between Ellipse Rd NW and 15th St NW before you can get to it. Once that job’s done, head into the now accessible supply room. Go down the stairs and follow the corridor to the room at the end to find the painting.

Downtown East

#3 – Relic: Crystal Skull

Head east from the intersection of 14th St NW and G St NW until you see a sign for parking on the left. Directly beneath the sign is a hot dog stand. The Crystal Skull is next to it.

#4 – Painting: St George and the Dragon

To reach this Comms, we have to go via the underground, so enter the metro at the intersection of 12th St NW and F St NW. Follow the path around and go up the escalator. Go straight towards the HxC store and stay over to the left. You’ll see an open area. The artifact is at the entrance at the foot of the toy soldier out here.

Federal Triangle

#5 – Painting: Judith Leyster – Self-Portrait

Head south at the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave NW and 10th St NW until you spot the Department of Justice on your left. On the opposite side of the road is an open doorway. Go through and around the stairs to the left. Follow the corridor around and you’ll come to another doorway that leads outside. To the left is a ladder leading up to the roof.

Scoot on up and hop through the window on the left. The painting is hanging on the wall.

Visit our Division 2 beta page for more collectible guides. The full game launches on March 15, 2019, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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