Destiny 2: Black Armory guide – tips and walkthroughs to reignite the Lost Forges

By Lauren Aitken, Wednesday, 9 January 2019 09:50 GMT

The Season of the Forge marks the next chapter in Destiny 2’s roadmap, with new challenging endgame activities to get stuck into.

Black Armory focuses more on gameplay and challenging quests than story, and you’ll see your Power levels increase considerably. Bungie has announced that with each new Season the Power level cap will be raised by 50, so Guardians can now reach 650 with the new Forge activities.

New content will roll out over the coming weeks and now that the Scourge of the Past raid has been completed, we should see more activities cropping up all over the map. New weapons and gear, as well as Augmented versions of some old favourites, are sure to make PvP modes much more interesting.

We’ll be updating this list as more content becomes available and more secrets are uncovered, so leave us a comment if you think there’s something we’ve missed.

Destiny 2: Black Armory Power

  • How to increase your Power to 650
  • Here’s our guide on how to boost your Power levels to reach the new 650 cap.

  • Power requirements reduced
  • Bungie has reduced the recommended Power level for Black Armory activities by fine points as many found they were too underlevelled to take advantage of the new DLC.

Destiny 2 Black Armory quests

  • Mysterious Box
  • The Mysterious Box has four locks to open, but we’re not quite sure what secrets it holds yet. You can now find the Fishhook and Hand keys if you complete the Forges, but you’ll need to wait for the next two Forges before you can open the box.

  • Secret Emblems, crests and beacons
  • There are new secrets to be discovered in Black Armory, including solving a few glyph puzzles and find hidden beacons.

Destiny 2: Black Armory Forges

Reigniting the lost Forges is at the heart of Black Armory’s content, so here’s how to unlock and fire up the first two Forges:

  • Volundr Forge
  • The first of Forges, there are several steps to this quest and a tough Boss fight at the end.

  • Gofannon Forge
  • Unlocking and reigniting this Forge takes some considerable patience and effort, so equip your best Sniper Rifle and jump in.

  • Izanami Forge
  • The third Forge is now available, complete with a special Strike. There’s a good chance you’ll receive Le Monarque at the end for you troubles, too.

  • Niobe Labs
  • The Niobe Labs is a puzzle event that players are racing to solve in order to unlock the final Bergusia Forge.

Destiny 2: Black Armory weapons

  • Exotic weapons
  • There are five new Exotic weapons in the Black Armory DLC, each relating back to ancient Forge families.

  • Pinnacle weapons
  • New Pinnacle weapons are available for Gambit, Vanguard and the Crucible, and as always, its no easy feat.

  • Augmented weapons
  • Augmented weapons are common weapon drops with different perks, like the new roll for the Nightshade rifle. We never thought we’d want to see Edge Transit ever again, but with Augmentation it could end up being a better weapon than in previous rolls.

  • Last Word rumours
  • The Last Word Exotic hand cannon is rumoured to be returning to Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Season of the Forge events

  • Scourge of the Past raid
  • The raid has been completed, so here’s an overview of what to expect and the rules of the game.

  • The Dawning
  • The Dawning Winter event runs from December 11 until January 1, 2019, and you can expect some light holiday fun like making cookies and sharing them with your friends. Check out our guide for the complete list of ingredients and recipes you’ll need this holiday season.

If you’re new to Destiny or are looking to complete some more endgame activities before you start the Black Armory questlines, check out our ultimate Destiny 2: Forsaken guide here for more tips, tricks and walkthroughs.

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