Red Dead Redemption 2 Collectables: Every Cigarette Card set location

By James Billcliffe
21 December 2018 11:11 GMT

Anyone got a lighter? Just like playgrounds in the ‘90s, card-collecting fever is sweeping the Wild West – with the rarest cards swapping hands for a pretty penny.

Here’s where you can track down all of the Cigarette Cards collectables in Red Dead Redemption 2, and claim the unique rewards for yourself.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Cigarette Cards Collectibles

Smoking, and other Hobbies Stranger Quest

At Flatneck Station in chapter 2, you’ll meet a Stranger called Phineas T. Ramsbottom, a card collector who offers to pay you handsomely for each complete set of cards you can return to him.

There are 144 individual Cigarette Cards for you to find throughout the world, although if you’re lucky you won’t have to scrounge them all.

If you have even been a fan of a collectible card game, then you know the feeling of unbridled excitement, elation, and inevitable disappointment that comes with opening a new booster pack. Well, now outlaw Arthur Morgan can experience that too every time he opens a new pack of smokes.

When opening a pack of Premium Cigarettes, you’ll get a random Cigarette Card from any of the available sets. You can get duplicates this way, by any spares you have can be offloaded to a fence. Still, if you intend on collecting every Cigarette Card, then you could do worse than save yourself some time by opening any Premium Cigarette packs you find.

For sending your first set off in the mail, you’ll get some Vintage Civil War Handcuffs, which are used to craft a Talisman.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cigarette Card Locations

Prominent Americans

  • President Fisher – Along the train track north out of Rhodes you’ll find the Jansen Mills warehouse – the card is at the top of the ramp
  • President Hardin – Outside the house on the northwestern corner of Lagras
  • Lillian Powell – North of the “O” in Lemoyne you’ll find some buildings, here there’s a card on a box behind some bushes on northeastern side of the northernmost hut
  • Leviticus Cornwall – Out front of the house between the “T” and the “I” in Valentine
  • J D McKnight – In the southeast of Rhodes there’s a big house with a gazebo to the south of it. The card is on a table in this gazebo
  • Luther Covington – On a crate in the southwestern docks of Saint Denis, right next to the water near the southernmost train tracks
  • Harvey Griggs – A little northeast of the last card, in the northwestern corner of the northeastern shipping rail building
  • Henrietta Beatrice Woods – Outside the red house that’s southeast of the second “A” in Bayou NWA, north of Saint Denis
  • General Quincy Harris – Northeast of the station dot at the Heartland Oil Fields, there’s a tower outside of the complex – the card is at the bottom of this tower
  • General Cornelius Palmer – In the northeasternmost building of the farm that’s northeast of the Mattock Pond, which is north of Rhodes
  • Senator Thaddeus Waxman – In the house to the West of where you found the Lillian Powell card, which was north of the “O” in Lemoyne
  • President Alfred Macalister – The last card is inside the fisherman’s hut on the islands south of Caliga Hall. The one you’re looking for is north of the first “E” and “C” in Lannahechee River

Famous Gunslingers

  • Frank Heck – On a grave in the northeast of Valentine
  • Otis Miller Boys – In a wagon next to the “U” in Cumberland Forest on the map
  • Jack Hall Gang – In a small shelter to the northwest of Window Rock, which is north of Valentine
  • Butcher Brothers – Outside a house that’s under the “R” of New Hanover on the map
  • Flaco Hernandez – On the roof of the bank in Rhodes
  • Slim Grant – Outside the ruined house that’s north of the “O” in Ambarino
  • Landon Ricketts – On a barrel in the southeast of Armadillo
  • Black Belle – On a barrel on the end of the boat dock in Blackwater
  • Billy Midnight – On the windmill to the east of Tumbleweed
  • Emmet Granger – Inside Fort Wallace when you visit during the main story, it’s on the western side of the area
  • Jim ‘Boy’ Calloway – Inside the mausoleum in the northeast of Saint Denis
  • Bart Love – Inside the house that’s to the north of the Little Creek River, which is north of Big Valley, to the north of Strawberry

Gems of Beauty

  • Leila Stetson – Downstairs in the house that’s to the north of the “H” in New Hanover on the map
  • Isabelle Barlow – To the north of where it says Roanoke Valley on the map, on a shelf inside the ruined shop near the train tracks
  • Hattie Langtry – In the same abandoned settlement as the last card, on a table inside the hut to the south
  • Isabelle Standish – West of Annesburg, inside the mine to the left of where you go in
  • Maud Engel – In the centre of the Heartland Oil Fields inside on a table on north side of the building
  • Sadie Russell – Inside the chicken coop on the south side of Blackwater
  • Geraldine Emerson – In the small settlement that’s north of the “E” in West Elizabeth on the map, the card is upstairs in the barn
  • Agnes Guyon – Inside the building you find on the first “E” in Grizzlies West on the map
  • Jennie Willetts – Opposite the post office in the north of the Van Horn Trading Post
  • Ilga Ulmer – In the alley that’s next to the “E” in Saint Denis on the map
  • Fay Delaro – Upstairs in barn to the south of Valentine near the train station
  • Pauline Henderson – On top of a crate at the Bacchus Station north of Fort Wallace

Artists, Writers, and Poets

  • Edith Corinne – Under the table to the northwest of the “B” in Braithwaite Manor
  • Elsie Rose – In the hotel in Strawberry
  • W. G. Hoyt – In the house to the north between the “N” and “O” of New Hanover
  • Aidous Bramley – Outside of the house on the west side of the road that goes south out of Blackwater
  • Preston T. Stephenson – In the office building in the centre of Annesburg
  • Evelyn Miller – Outside the northernmost house to the west of Blackwater
  • Slick Hutton – Inside the house that’s south along the coast from the Van Horn Trading Post
  • Laurence Carson – In an alley on the eastern side of Saint Denis
  • Miss Maud Delancey – On the boat that’s moored on the “W” of Bluewater Marsh
  • Charles Chatenay – Outside the house to the north of Valentine where you meet Mary Linton
  • George Dixie – Inside the house that’s under the “A” in New Hanover
  • Richard McCullough – On the road north out of Saint Denis, the card is southwest of first crossroads you come across

World Champions

  • Percy Wood – On the side of a well to the south of the “R” in New Hanover
  • Edwin A Rowe – Head north from the “V” in Valentine, across the Dakota river and across the train tracks, and you’ll find a building, inside are two cards (we’ll list the second one separately too)
  • Theobaud Getzin – Outside the northern building on the east side of the road at Emerald Ranch
  • H. T. Slocum – At the house that’s right on the “H” in Bluewater Marsh on the map
  • R. S. Harradon – North of the first “E” in Bluewater Marsh, on the other side of the river to the last card – this card is outside the house you find there
  • E. D. Ewing – Go north from the first “E” in Lemoyne until you reach the black county line – the card is in the basement of the ruined house you find here
  • Patsey Hill – At the start of the northeast road out of Saint Denis, this card is outside the house on the west side of the road
  • William Sleicher – In the centre of the settlement that’s next to Heartland Oil Fields on the map
  • Edwin Singerly – At the top of the mine tower to the east of the “G” in Annesburg
  • Felix Hawley – Inside the hut to the northwest of Barrow Lagoon
  • Capt Jack Page – This is the second card that’s in the house to the north of the river adn the “V” in Valentine
  • Axel McCormack – Around the back of the Bastille Saloon in Saint Denis

Amazing Inventions

  • Steam Locomotive – This one’s upstairs in the ruined church to the east of Bolger Glade on the map
  • Camera – Go to the building to the south of the photo studio in Saint Denis and the card is inside.
  • Electrical Execution Apparatus – North of the first “E” in West Elizabeth, and north of the Little Creek River, this card is upstairs inside the centre-east house
  • Typewriter – There’s a warehouse right on where the second “T” in West Elizabeth is marked on the map, the card is next to the door
  • Revolver – Around the back of the gunsmith’s in Annesburg
  • Telegraph – On the disused train platform northwest of the Van Horn Trading Post
  • Manned Glider – You find this on in the barn to the west of Caliga Hall on the map, which is west of Saint Denis
  • Dynamite – Around the back of Shady Belle to the southwest of Saint Denis and south of Caliga Hall
  • Cylinder Phonograph – Inside the northern Valentine saloon
  • Player Piano – This card is found on top of the piano in the building to the west of the “D” in Saint Denis
  • Electrical Light Bulb – In the northeast of the map there’s Brandywine Drop. Go northwest from there, past the train tracks, and you’ll find a building Around by the back door is the cigarette card
  • Fountain Pen – Northeast of the “O” in Lemoyne there’s a disused school – the card’s inside

Vistas of America

  • New York – On a table on the porch of one of the houses that’s to the southwest of Caliga Hall on the map
  • Saint Denis – On a cart in the southeast of Saint Denis
  • Blackwater – On a chimney on the theatre’s roof in Blackwater
  • Armadillo – Inside the pig pen on the west side of Armadillo
  • Rio Bravo – On the Windmill just to the north of Flatneck Station
  • The Grizzlies – On a Table inside the house that’s to the northwest of Lake Don Julio
  • San Francisco – Inside the ruined settlement that’s southwest of the Van Horn Trading Post, in the southeast tower
  • Tall Trees – On a barrel on the south side of Flatneck Station
  • Valentine – Inside the train station on the eastern outskirts of Valentine
  • Chicago – On the windmill to the south of Emerald Ranch
  • Rhodes – On a grave to the north of Rhodes
  • Annesburg – In the west of Annesburg on a barrel on the minecart tracks

Stars of the Stage

  • Laurence Dunn – North of Rhodes, next to where it says Southfield Flats on the map, Inside the house you find there
  • Louis Durand – West of the Van Horn Trading Post, on the side of the ruined house
  • Jesse Raymond – Inside the ruined house that’s north of Tumbleweed
  • Augusta Tremlow – North of where it says “Little” in Little Creek River, north of Strawberry. The card is on the windmill
  • Mabel Potter – Inside the Saint Denis theatre
  • Robin Koninsky – On the stage of the Saint Denis theatre.
  • Isadore Reid – In the back of the coach near the show in Valentine
  • Irene Grubb – On the train platform near MacFarlane’s Ranch
  • Nettie Palmer – Next to the projector in the show tent in Valentine
  • Jim Cobb – Outside the ruined house to the east of the first “E” in Lemoyne
  • Mittie Comstock – Outside the house that’s south of the “H” in New Hanover
  • Robert Elliot Patchen – Next to the building south of the Mattock Pond that’s north of Rhodes


  • American Paint – This is on a crate under the mill in the east of Rhodes
  • Appaloosa – On the end of the large dock south of the first “N” in Saint Denis
  • Andalusian – Inside the stable that’s to the east of Strawberry and Diablo Ridge
  • American Standardbred – South of Braithwaite Manor, near the coast you’ll find a building – that card is inside
  • Nokota – Inside the stable in the south of Rhodes
  • Ardennes – On the train platform at Wallace Station
  • Dutch Warmblood – Inside the house to the southwest of Valentine, out in the wilds west of Caliban’s Seat
  • Turkoman – Out the back of the house on the northeast side of O’Creagh’s Run
  • Hungarian Halfbred – On the floor through a hole in the Armadillo Blacksmith’s front door
  • Mustang – Upstairs in the barn at the house that’s southwest of Valentine where you found the Dutch Warmblood
  • Thoroughbred – In the back of the wagon that’s just north of the dot above the “S” in Rhodes on the map
  • Missouri Fox Trotter – In the same house to the south of Braithwaite Manor as you found the American Standardbred

Fauna of America

  • Black Widow Spider – Inside the house that’s north of the “W” in West Elizabeth
  • Bloodhound – Inside the fireplace of the ruined house that’s northwest of Bolder Glade
  • Bluebird – You can use a ladder to climb a tree that’s south of the “V” in New Hanover, the card is in the tree with another one
  • Catfish – At the end of the docks on the west side of Saint Denis
  • Coral Snake – Inside the big house that’s south of the “L” in Lakay
  • Grouper – In a boat on the eastern bank of the Kamassa River where it runs close to Lagras
  • Large Mouth Bass – Inside the hut where you get the Legendary Fish quest on the northeast shore of Flat Iron Lake
  • Panther – Southwest of the Van Horn Trading Post, near where it says Kamassa River on the map, but on the east side of the river, there’s a ruined settlement. The card is in one of the buildings in the northwest of this area
  • Parrot – On the jetty right next to the “Y” in Lemoyne on the map
  • Pheasant – Up in the tree that you can climb with a ladder south of the “V” in New Hanover
  • Snapping Turtle – Inside the house you find south of the second “R” in Cumberland Forest
  • Turkey – Upstairs in ruined the ruined Sheriff’s office at the Van Horn Trading Post

Flora of America

  • Golden Currant – Inside the building that’s near the southern bank of Lagras
  • Hummingbird Sage – Inside the building to the southeast of the “R” in New Hanover
  • Oleander Sage – Between some plants in Saint Denis, it’s just above the “E” in Saint Denis
  • Yarrow – Inside the house just to the south on the “N” in Bayou NWA
  • Indian Tobacco – Also by the “N” in NWA, on a box outside the same house
  • Black Mangrove – Under a bench inside of Emerald Station
  • Longleaf Pine – At the bottom of the mine to the west of Annesburg, at the top of the ladder
  • Desert Fan Palm – Out the front of the house that’s west of Tumbleweed
  • Coastal Redwood – Around the back of a house that’s across the river in the south of Strawberry
  • Horse Crippler Cactus – In the little wooden attachment to the house that’s on the bank of the Kamassa River, to the northwest of where it says Caliga Hall on the map
  • Blazing Star – Outside the building that’s just to the north of the “W” in West Elizabeth
  • Carolina Lupine – On the roof of the sheriff’s office in Tumbleweed

Marvels of Travel

  • Packet Ship – On the northeastern end of the docks at Annesburg
  • Schooner – On the boat in the centre of the port at the Van Horn Trading Post
  • Camel Caravan – Outside near the washing line in the southeast of Rhodes
  • Elephant Carriage – Around the back of the hotel in Strawberry
  • Goat Carriage – In the western part of the farm at Emerald Ranch
  • Hot Air Balloon – Inside the saloon in Saint Denis that’s just above where the “I” in Denis is marked on the map
  • US Frigate – Inside the hut on the coast to the northwest of Braithwaite Manor
  • The Showboat – On the pier that’s south of the “D” in Saint Denis
  • Balener Whaling Vessel – Follow the river anticlockwise from the last card until you see a little blue structure next to the river – the card is on the side here
  • Stagecoach – On the platform at Riggs Station southeast of Strawberry
  • Steam Locomotive – In the ruined settlement on the eastern bank of Flat Iron Lake, which is about level with Southfield flats on the map
  • Velocipede – Outside the house in Saint Denis that’s just to the east of the second “E” in Lemoyne

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