Destiny 2: The Dawning complete ingredients list and recipe guide

By Lauren Aitken, Thursday, 20 December 2018 10:02 GMT

The Dawning winter event has started in Destiny 2, though not without some issues.

Some Guardians were getting error codes left, right and centre last night and were unable to start the new Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint quest.

Throughout The Dawning, you’ll be able to earn a Powerful Engram each week and can bake some treats for your friends which will bag you some cool rewards and consumables exclusive to the event.

The Dawning started on December 11 and will run until January 1, 2019.

How to start The Dawning and find Essence of Dawning

Speak to Eva to begin the event and first section of the quest. She’ll give you Eva’s Holiday Oven and a few Dawning Ingredients. Use the ingredients in the order they appear in your inventory to craft something for your favourite Awoken, Zavala.

You can purchase other ingredients after this which you can use to craft more tasty treats. Your Common Ingredients will set you back 5 Essence of Dawning and Rare Ingredients are 10 Essence of Dawning. You can also go out and farm your own ingredients if you’re feeling adventurous.

In order to earn Essence of Dawning, you’ll need to complete activities and bounties from Eva each day. You can rattle through them quite quickly, similar to how you earned Fragmented Souls in the Festival of the Lost.

The Dawning ingredients and recipes

During the oven tutorial, you are given the Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint which unlocks a very festive Dawning Cheer Exotic Sparrow. To build it, you have to craft three specific recipes for three of your allies in the Tower.

Shaxx would like some Vanilla Blades, Amanda Holliday would like some Chocolate Ship Cookies, and Hawthorne would like some Eliksni Birdseed for her feathered friend.

Here’s what you need for each treat, along with some Essence of Dawning:

  • Vanilla Blades: Cabal Oil and Sharp Flavour
  • Chocolate Ship Cookies: Cabal Oil and Null Taste
  • Eliksni Birdseed: Ether Cane and Personal Touch

To find these ingredients, you’ll have to defeat certain types of enemies, often with a specific weapon or Super if you want a particular flair. Here’s where you can find The Dawning ingredients. Thanks to Reddit user javano_15 for this list.

  • Vex Milk: Vex enemies
  • Ether Cane: Fallen enemies
  • Cabal Oil: Cabal enemies
  • Chitin Powder: Hive enemies
  • Taken Butter: Taken enemies
  • Dark Ether Cane: Scorn enemies
  • Delicious Explosion: Grenade/Rocket Launcher/Grenade Launcher kills
  • Sharp Flavor: Sword kills
  • Impossible Heat: Solar damage kills
  • Electric Flavor: Arc damage kills
  • Null Taste: Void damage kills
  • Flash of Inspiration: Orbs generated
  • Personal Touch: Melee kills
  • Perfect Taste: Precision kills
  • Bullet Spray: SMG/LMG/AR kills

Some holiday elves on Reddit have dug up a few more recipes, as well as where to get each of the ingredients. Just remember to have plenty of Essence of Dawn to create these festive wonders.

The Dawning full recipe list:

  • Failsafe’s Infinite Forest Cake: Vex Milk and Impossible Heat.
  • Lord Shaxx’s Vanilla Blades: Cabal Oil and Personal Touch Sharp Flavor.
  • Devrim Kay’s Gentleman’s Shortbread: Ether Cane and Perfect Taste.
  • Hawthorne’s Eliksni Birdseed: Ether Cane and Personal Touch.
  • Master Rahool’s Burnt Edge Transits: Mix two ingredients that do not successfully combine.
  • Ikora’s Traveler Donut Holes: Cabal Oil and Flash of Inspiration.
  • Spider’s Candy Dead Ghosts: Dark Ether Cane and Flash of Inspiration.
  • Banshee-44’s Telemetry Tapioca: Vex Milk and Bullet Spray.
  • Asher’s Radiolarian Pudding: Vex Milk and Electric Flavor.
  • Xur’s Strange Cookies: Taken Butter and Electric Flavor.
  • Zavala’s Gjallardoodles: Ether Cane and Delicious Explosion.
  • Amanda’s Chocolate Ship Cookies: Cabal Oil and Null Taste.
  • Sloane’s Alkane Dragée Cookies:Chitin Powder and Ether Cane Bullet Spray.
  • Petra’s Ill-Fortune Cookies: Dark Ether Cane and Impossible Heat.
  • Ana’s Javelin Mooncake: Chitin Powder and Sharp Flavor.
  • The Drifter’s Dark Chocolate Motes: Taken Butter and Null Taste.

As if baking festive goodies wasn’t enough to be getting on with, Mayhem has returned to the Crucible playlist.

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