Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Underworld Gate Challenge Tomb guide

By Lauren Aitken
18 December 2018 10:44 GMT

Here’s a quick guide to complete the Underworld Gate Challenge Tomb in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Crawl under the rocks and once you’re through to the other side a message will appear that reads: Unknown Area – Challenge Tomb.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Underwater Gate Challenge Tomb

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Follow the path to the spears and crawl under them. Climb the large grey tree in front of you to the first branch then jump to the one ahead and swing onto the climbable wall in front. Scale the wall and jump over to the ledge on the left. Scale this until there is a path below you and drop down.

Next up is a trip wire; jump over this and carry on to the broken bridge. You will find an Explorer Backpack that will reveal Crypts, Treasure Chest and Survival Cache locations.

Double back slightly and on the right hand side, there is a branch you can run along. Jump from tree to tree until you come to another scalable wall and rappel down far enough so that you can swing and jump onto the ledge below.

You then walk into a campsite filled with gear from the early 20th century. Head over to the large tent on the left to find an explorer’s journal titled “At the gate”. Stick to the left and leave the camp.

You will have to scale the wall on the right to cross another broken bridge and take care to look out for falling rocks. Once safely over the other side, you will discover a new base camp called Canyon Ruins. Light the fire to set up your camp.

Once you’ve sat at the fire, there is a small gap in the rocks straight ahead of you with a narrow staircase. Squeeze through and go up the stairs and through a small tunnel. You’ll then enter another room with a broken stairway. There are various items available to loot so have a look around.

On the right hand side of the stairway, jump up and grab the ledge to climb up and out of the room.; a huge stone face above a cenote should be visible. Follow the bridge and jump over to the climbable wall. Rappel down and swing to the ground below. Climb the large tree in front of you and a prompt will appear to throw the grapple axe so swing across gaps while jumping. Do this to reach the ledge ahead.

Follow the path in front of you to another deserted site where you can loot Black Powder which is useful for making explosives. You’ll also find a journal titled “Finger length away” in this area. Come out of this area and turn left, cross over the fallen tree trunk.

A large structure can be highlighted in front of you which you are able to interact with and turn. Turn it clockwise a quarter way around and head up the ramp to your right. You’ll quickly discover you can’t get across the Cenote, so head back down to your right beside that turn-pulley-thing and shoot an arrow over to the white rope on the other side and attach it to the pulley.

Crawl along the rope to the other side and climb up the ledge. Turn to the left pull the large trunk towards you which releases a mechanism that swings a box platform around. Jump on this back to the area with the turning mechanism and push it back to its original position. Then turn to face the box and shoot an arrow at the white rope and attach it to the pulley. You can then jump to the other side where the trunk mechanism was, pulling it towards you again. Quickly run and jump onto the box which will lift you to the other side.

Jump over into the ruins. On the left, you can find some loot. Go right down the stairs and jump over the gap to a scalable wall. You’ll drop down a ledge or two, so go to your right and climb back up but beware of the falling rocks.

Climb up to the edge on the right and on your left, there will be some white rope. Fire an arrow into this and pull it towards you. Carry on your right and you will find a monument to interact with which unlocks Eagle’s Perch and gives you one skill point. That completes the Underworld Gate Tomb.

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