Battlefield 5: how to track Assignments, Special Assignments, Mastery Assignments and rewards

By Sherif Saed, Tuesday, 20 November 2018 08:42 GMT

Assignments have been overhauled in Battlefield 5, but how they work, and how you can get more of them isn’t always clear.

As we explained in our Battlefield 5 tips, Assignments are one of the progression items you’ll need to stay on top of as you play the game.

Assignments are not only a great source for Company Coin (in-game currency), they can also reward XP – and more importantly – cosmetic items for your soldiers and weapons. In this guide, we hope to make it easy to understand, choose, equip, and track Assignments.

Assignments, explained

In Battlefield 5, Assignments are more like quests than they are challenges. In simple terms, Assignments are much more tasking versions of Orders. Only instead of having one requirement you can easily fulfil in a day, they’re meant to be completed over time.

In response to feedback in Battlefield 1 and previous games in the series, DICE made Assignments more accessible this time around. Depending on the reward, an Assignment could have anywhere from two to four or five requirements. Crucially, however, you won’t always have to complete all associated tasks.

At the very top of the Assignment’s description, you’ll note that it’s asking you to complete two or three of the listed objectives. Often, the harder tasks will be tracked per game. DICE made sure to always include an easier, more grindy version for those unable to do the high-pressure equivalent – and their progress instead carries on from match to match.

For instance, you’ll come across requirements like ‘get ten kills with a weapon in a round’, in contrast to ‘do 3,000 damage with a weapon’. You can always try to go for the former, but if you only manage to get nine of the ten required kills, this particular tracker will reset in the next round. The easier option is to obviously go for the damage dealt task, but the flip side is that it’ll take you longer to achieve.

Take your time to read each requirement carefully, because you may find that one of them falls completely outside your typical play style. If that’s the case, ignoring that task could mean getting stuck on an Assignment for weeks.

If you never fly in Battlefield 5, it doesn’t make sense to accept a plane-based Assignment, even if some of the other objectives are doable as an infantry. The only thing you need to worry about is whether any of the doable tasks are enough for you to clear the Assignment and claim the reward.

Once you’ve unlocked all class weapons and reached a high enough level, Assignments will start to make up a more crucial component of your play. You’ll move on to chasing Company Coin, and cosmetic items for your favourite weapons – and Assignments will help get you there more efficiently.

How to get new Assignments

Assignments are doled out in a few different ways in Battlefield 5. You have your basic weapon, and class Assignments, which are unlocked the more you use the weapon/play the class they’re associated with.

These often reward low-tier cosmetic items for use with your weapon or class. In fact, if you browse the available options for the different weapon grips or outfit pieces you’ll find most of them locked behind Special Assignments. For weapons, the game will say which Assignment you need to complete to earn the reward, but it currently does not do the same for soldier outfits.

Like the weapons and classes themselves, Assignments also come in different levels. It starts out with Proficiency, goes through a few levels of those until it culminates with Mastery. This is true for both weapon, and class Assignments.

Weapon and class Mastery Assignments unlock higher tiers (rarer) rewards for your class or weapon. Naturally, you’ll only get these if you spend enough time with that class/weapon. Their requirements are also more challenging than the basic version, but they reward Epic gear.

Maxing out your class level for each of the four classes – currently at 20 – unlocks Mastery Assignments in the same way. Likewise, when completed, they award very good-looking cosmetics, or rarer colours for existing pieces. Once again, these won’t be easy, with the Recon ones especially being a pain in the ass. For weapons, Mastery Assignments unlock the more exquisite camos.

Special Assignments

Some Special Assignments were given as pre-order bonuses, and they’re essentially similar to the Special Assignments deluxe edition owners get. In both cases, if you didn’t pre-order/opt for the more expensive edition, you won’t have access to them.

They’re themed around real-world operations by the British Special Air Service (SAS), and the German Fallschirmjager troops in the war. In all cases, they reward Company Coin. Since CCs can be used to buy weapon Specializations and certain cosmetic items, they’re meant to give players who pre-ordered/bought the deluxe edition a bit of an edge, but they don’t have exclusive rewards beyond that.

We should also mention Basic Training Assignments, which are the easiest to do. These also reward Company Coin, and are good to stock up on in case you’re not feeling the rest of what’s available to you, or you’re just looking to grind some CCs.

Assignment rewards

The Assignments page in Battlefield 5 is smartly laid out. It lets you easily see the requirements and rewards of each Assignment before you commit, as well as for those you already have equipped. Sadly, you can’t preview the rewards themselves from the same menu.

You certainly can remember the name and return to the customisation menu to see the item, however. In some cases, completing Assignments unlocks more Assignments. This is common with the Proficiency Assignments. On top of the usual rewards, you’ll also unlock a higher tier of the same Assignment. Completing Proficiency 2 unlocks Proficiency 3 and so on.

The higher tiers in turn give you access to better rewards, but require more finesse, as we outlined above. As always, you can discard what you don’t like, or ones you’ve picked up but don’t think you’ll be able to finish.

How to track Assignment progress

Unlike Orders, Assignments don’t refresh daily – but they do rotate. Like we mentioned in our Battlefield 5 tips, it’s always recommended that you check the list regularly.

In-game, bringing up the menu (Esc) will display a concise tracker on the right for both Daily Orders, and Assignments. You can also select Assignments from the same menu for a detailed reminder of your objectives. Even better, Battlefield 5 always tracks your Assignment progress in the background, and you’ll get a subtle popup on the left side of the screen anytime you make progress.

It can sometimes be hard to track whether or not your most recent kill counts as an “objective kill” or just a normal kill. Watching that tracker ensures you’re always informed of your progress.

In the launch version of Battlefield 5, you’re not able to discard Assignments or sign up for new ones mid-match. This needs to be done from the main menu, outside of the match. It’s not ideal, but it’s something DICE is working on improving.

For more on Battlefield 5, such as a breakdown of every new feature, the best weapons for each class or details about the new combat roles check out our Battlefield 5 guide for more.

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