Battlefield 5 free Panzerstorm map, Practice Range, first Tides of War chapter dates confirmed

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 16 November 2018 10:50 GMT

DICE has detailed some of the biggest content drops coming to Battlefield 5 in the near future.

In a livestream celebrating the launch of Battlefield 5’s deluxe edition, DICE announced the release dates for many of the features it teased prior to the game’s launch.

The new content starts rolling out on Tuesday, December 4. This is when the tank-focused Panzerstorm map will be released. During the livestream, the developer showed some brief footage of the Belgium-set map, which YouTuber DannyOnPC has helpfully extracted.

Panzerstorm is co-developed by DICE LA.

The Practice Range is another big addition coming on December 4. DICE also showed off a little bit of it on the show, and it looks much bigger in scope compared to Battlefield 4’s. You’re able to test out all weapons and vehicles, and control target dummies to learn the ranges and weapon characteristics in a safe environment.

On top of the range being a great way to practice tanking and piloting skills, you’re also able to engage the AI in the skies above for a more dynamic experience. Once again, DannyOnPC’s video below shows the advanced Practice Range.

DICE said that this is only the beginning, and that it’s open to expanding the range in future based on feedback.

Vehicle customisation will also be available beginning December 4, alongside the final War Stories chapter: The Last Tiger. Then, on December 6, the first Tides of War chapter begins. In Overture, a new progression system will be added to the game that comes with its own set of cosmetic items, challenges, and missions.

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