Hitman 2 Miami – how to get a Silent Assassin rank

By Kirk McKeand
12 November 2018 11:06 GMT

Agent 47 is off to the races and he’s planning on making a killing. Here’s how to get a Silent Assassin rank in Hitman 2’s Miami mission.

When you start this assignment, instead of heading through security and getting frisked, make your way into the underground tunnel to your left, past the busker, and out by the research centre with the chrome dolphin fountains.

Finding opportunities

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Head straight past the front door and keep heading forward, taking a left to sit on the bench with the newspaper on it, just before the news vans. Here a story mission will reveal, telling you that one of your targets is really into the food sold by one of the trucks.

If you follow the mission story, it will tell you about a food stand vendor called Florida Man. The next step is assuming their identity. If you head to the food stand, you’ll find it is closed and a sign suggests Florida Man has gone fishing. Keep heading along the waterfront and you’ll see them on the pier – their outfit is pretty distinctive.

Before you head to Florida Man, however, go to the food trucks opposite his location, near the holiday snap cutout that you can blend into. There you can overhear two technicians talking about how the stage pyrotechnics are borked. Listen in for help on your second target.

Now, let’s switch gears and follow that questline – Florida Man can wait. Head behind the food trucks, past the Jester Energy Drink posters, and scale the wall into the restricted area, next to the keycard-locked door. We’re looking for a race marshall disguise. Save the game before you scale, just in case anyone spots you.

Hitting the gas

When you jump over, don’t walk forward because there is a security camera close by. Pull out your silenced pistol and deal with it. Wait for a race marshall to come up to the van, then subdue them without killing. Pop the outfit on and drag their body to the nearby trunk. Pop them in before anyone spots you or the body.

Next, sneak up the stairs in the same area and subdue the other race marshall who is looking out over the tracks. Drag and dump him into the trunk as well. Use the flag at the top of the stairs to blend in, then disqualify Sierra Knox to prematurely put an end to the race.

Now head down the stairs, through the room on the right, then into the backstage area on the left. Grab the wrench. Head back out that area and to the backstage area on the right from where you came in. Now head outside on your right and override the pressure lock on the pipes with your wrench, sabotaging the gas supply. Now head to the valve on the far right of the three valves next to the pipes and increase the pressure on it.

Food to die for

Now go grab your outfit back and head back outside the restricted area, behind the food trucks. Now, where did Florida Man get to?

Head to the pier, make sure nobody is watching, then choke him out, take his clothes, and place him in the nearby container. Make sure you pick up the food stand key.

Now you’re looking like the coolest mofo in Miami, you need to carefully break into the hit at the other end of the pier to grab some poison – unless you already brought some into the mission with you. While you’re in there, grab the speedboat key for an alternate escape route.

Head back to the food stand and open it up. Now serve up some coconut balls, but don’t poison them just yet. You should see your gas plan take hold as you’re waiting. Once you see Robert Knox arriving, poison the food. Serve it up to him when he appears. Knox will then go to the seafront to barf – wait for his security guard to turn his back and boot him in.

Now you just need to make your escape. Why not grab your suit back on the way?

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