Unlocking the frame-rate in Fallout 76 turns on speed hacks

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 1 November 2018 09:35 GMT

A classic bug in Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls games has reared its ugly head in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 is based on the same engine as Fallout 4, which itself is an upgraded version of Skyrim’s and so on. All of these games had physics logic and game speed tied to frame-rate, which is more often than not a recipe for disaster regardless of the game.

What this essentially means is that players can greatly speed up walking and running animations by unlocking the frame-rate. In other words, the higher your frame-rate, the faster you’re going to move, attack and do just about everything else you can in the game much faster.

This quirk was discovered during the first Fallout 76 beta wave on PC, which suffered from other problems such as a bug that deleted the entire the download.

To trigger it, players will need to disable VSync in one of the game’s .ini files. Doing so unlocks the frame-rate, which allows access to the warp zone. This particular .ini trick has been known for years, most recently in Fallout 4.

For players who like to play at above 60fps, this .ini tweak is necessary.

On the game’s subReddit, users have been posting videos of the exploit in action. Here’s one from @teajayylmao, note the frame-rate in the top right corner.

It goes without saying that the implications of this exploit are much greater in a multiplayer game like Fallout 76. For its part, Bethesda confirmed to Polygon that a fix for the issue is in the works, and should be released at launch.

If you’re looking to jump in yourself, check out all upcoming Fallout 76 beta session times through the link.

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