Destiny 2: Iron Banner events, updates and bounties

By Lauren Aitken, Tuesday, 16 October 2018 08:58 GMT

Iron Banner is set to return in this week’s update, kicking off the Festival of the Lost

Iron Banner appears every few weeks and is by far the most popular Crucible mode in Destiny 2. It begins today, October 16, and has some impressive Valour gains and looks to be the best of the season so far.

Destiny 2: How to access Iron Banner

To be able to compete in Iron Banner, you’ll first need to finish the main campaign in Destiny 2. You then need to speak to Lord Saladin in the upper walkway in the Tower. Once you’ve spoken to him, you’ll unlock Iron Banner Milestones and can access the playlist.

Iron Banner is a serious challenge so if you’re new to Destiny or PvP matches, it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but you’ll soon see why it’s a fan favourite.

Destiny 2 Forsaken: Iron Banner

Lord Saladin returns to the tower on October 16, and Lord Shaxx is one of the masks Guardians will be able to wear as part of their Halloween costumes both in-game and in real life. The Iron Banner will run for one week and some of the bounty objectives and rewards have been updated after feedback from the last run.

Each bounty will now offer a powerful reward and bounty objectives have been made a little easier:

  • Lightbearer: Reduced Super kills to 20 from 25
  • Iron in the Blood: Reduced match completions to 15 from 30
  • Shine On: Reduced Orbs generated to 50 from 100
  • Iron Victory: Reduced match wins to 7 from 10
  • To Be Precise: Reduced precision kills to 50 from 100
  • All in a Week’s Work: Reduced kills to 150 from 250

Players will also unlock an item in Lord Saladin’s inventory for direct purchase with each bounty completion with curated perk rolls, with foxes and wolves will battle it out for a spot in your arsenal.

Masterwork cores will also be more likely to drop and Valor gains will be increased, with Double Valor from October 16-19 and Triple Valor from October 19-23, so you should definitely return to the Crucible this week.

The Festival of the Lost will run from October 16 to November 6. If you’re looking to increase your Power, find more Exotic weapons or try the new Gambit mode, check out our Destiny 2: Forsaken guide here.

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