Destiny 2: Forsaken – Ascendant Challenge Week 6 guide

By Lauren Aitken, Thursday, 11 October 2018 09:46 GMT

Destiny 2: Forsaken had its weekly reset yesterday and brought with it a spate of new bounties, weeklies and daily challenges.

Petra Venj has moved right beside the Divalian Mists drop zone so you won’t have to go careering through tunnels to find her. She offers some insight into what might be coming in the Festival of the Lost, referring to some spooky, rotten flowers that continuously grow back, so read into that what you will.

As ever, there is a new Ascendant Challenge this week, as well as a new Gateway Between Worlds and Oracle Engine bounty. The Oracle Engine bounty doesn’t track immediately on the HUD map but if you track it then open up the Director, you’ll see a waypoint for it.

This week’s Ascendant Challenge is quite lengthy and more difficult than the previous one and you’ll need at least one Tincture of Queensfoil to activate the Ascendant buff to complete the challenge.

This Ascendant Challenge takes place in the Cimmerian Garrison, so what you’ll want to do is head over to Rheasilvia. Come out of the cave and just before you cross the bridge, jump down off the cliff to the right onto the platform below. Hug the wall to the right and you’ll find a Lost Sector, the Chamber of Starlight.

Work your way through the Lost Sector until you come to a large, open room with two snipers at the back. This is where the portal will appear. Jump into the portal to begin the Ascendant Challenge.

You’ll be transported to the Cimmerian Garrison. It’s basically like running a gauntlet and you can easily avoid enemies if you have a high enough Power level. Otherwise, we’d recommend bringing a sniper rifle, a shotgun and some kind of rocket or grenade launcher.

Follow the path, killing or avoiding enemies as you go, until you find a glowing orb. Like last week’s challenge, the orb will guide you across some floating platforms. Some of these platforms begin to rotate and take care not to jump through any holes in the platforms.

Once you’re far enough along, you’ll encounter some Shriekers and a Taken Knight. The Shriekers will respawn so they shouldn’t be your main focus, so try and take out the Taken Knight as soon as possible. Watch out for Taken Phalanx as well as they might shove you off the platform and you’ll have to start again.

On the final platform, there will be two Taken Knights to defeat to complete the challenge. These are the only two enemies you really need to kill to complete the challenge, so it’s up to you if you want to try and wipe out all the enemies leading up to this point or not.

A chest will spawn upon defeating the two Knights and the challenge is complete.

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Bungie has released more details about its upcoming Festival of the Lost which will feature a Haunted Forest, a quest to find Master Ives and a costume party!

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