Fortnite introduces the Just Cause-esque “Grappler”

September 12, 2018 Marshall Lemon

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Epic Games has revealed the Fortnite Grappler, a new item that lets you accurately zip across the map.

To celebrate the Fortnite High Stakes event this week, Epic Games decided to reveal a game-changer of an item at PAX West: the Grappler. As reported PC Games N, this device is the cartoon version of Just Cause’s zipline which lets you fling yourself through the map.

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Much like the jetpack and bouncepads, the Grappler is the latest item that lets you move quickly across the map. The key difference is accuracy, since you can aim exactly where you’d like to go. In keeping with the High Stakes theme, the Grappler is also a fairly quiet movement option. Not bad for a device made up of a motor, a toilet plunger, and some rope.

The main downsides? Grapplers are short-range devices and only come with ten charges. It’s not clear if there’s a way to replenish Grappler charges like standard weapon ammunition, but players still need to be strategic in their use.

Epic Games hasn’t provided a Grappler release date, but you can safely bet it will arrive with this week’s High Stakes update. Don’t forget to check your Supply Llamas once it’s live, and grapple responsibly everyone.

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