Fortnite High Stakes challenges: let’s go robbing from nerds with Simon Miller and Fraggle

By Matt Martin, Friday, 7 September 2018 11:55 GMT

“You killed Fraggle!”

All great friendships must come to an end, some more tragic and heart-breaking than others. Robin in A Death In The Family. Bubba from Forest Gump. Chuck the Volleyball in Castaway. All tearjerkers.

And now Simon Miller and Fraggle, a friendship struck up, glued in conflict, before coming tragically undone in seminal half-finished video game Fortnite.

This week we forced Simon Miller to play Fortnite’s Getaway LTM, which includes the High Stakes Challenges. It’s a cat and mouse game of robbery and crime, where players snatch llama jewels and try to get them to the extraction point.

Inevitably, through poor communication and someone not playing to the objective, it often results in anger and frustration. As if playing video games isn’t actually a very healthy past-time, what with them being built upon foundations of violence, forced conflict and needling aggression.

So sit back and watch a grown man go on a quest. A quest for fun, one-shot kills and revenge for his lost compadre. It’s a dramatic and moving tale.

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