For Honor’s Marching Fire update adds new Arcade Mode, Starter Edition free on Steam this week

By Shabana Arif, Tuesday, 21 August 2018 12:26 GMT

Ubsoft has announced For Honor’s new Arcade Mode as part of the Marching Fire update dropping in October.

For Honor’s new Arcade Mode pits players against AI in randomly generated PvE combat scenarios which make up “micro-stories within the larger war.” Each quest is made up of “combat chapters” that get progressively harder. Arcade mode lets players battle solo or in co-op, and owners of Marching Fire can even extend an invitation to friends who don’t own the expansion.

Before diving in, players choose a difficulty corresponding to their gear score (Common, Rare, Heroic, Epic, and Legendary), although you’re free to choose whichever difficulty you’d like. The only penalty is a sound thrashing if you get outclassed.

The biggest difference is the addition of combat modifiers, which will be applied at random to players and AI alike to encourage you to mix up your strategy and fighting style.

These buffs and debuffs will change according to quest difficulty, being generally in your favour on Common difficulty, but proving to be a pain in the bum for you on Legendary.

Marching Fire is available for pre-order on September 4, and will give players access to the Arcade Mode, the four new Wu Lin Heroes, as well as 4v4 castle sieges in the new Breach mode. An additional pre-order bonus will grant players the Wu Lin pack, which includes an Elite outfit for each of the four new Heroes.

If you don’t want buy the expansion, you can still access the Heroes and Breach mode by unlocking them with Steel after the early access period. Arcade mode is solely for Marching Fire owners, but you can still play if a friend invites you to join them.

Ubisoft also announced today that the For Honor Starter Edition will be available for free on Steam August 22-27. The Starter Edition includes access to the same single-player and multiplayer content, but you’re starting roster of heroes will be smaller; six compared to 12.

Marching Fire launches on October 16.

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