Velocity 2X has millions of PS Plus downloads, but can’t fund a sequel

By Marshall Lemon, Monday, 20 August 2018 21:41 GMT

Velocity 2X developer FuturLab has posted a candid tweet thread about the difficulties of getting funding for critically-acclaimed game sequels.

We all know how it’s supposed to work. You publish a critically-acclaimed game that millions of people play, then you can build on that success by greenlighting an improved sequel. Sadly, that’s not what always happens. Take it from FuturLab, who developed Velocity 2X for PS4 and Vita before it was ported to PC and Xbox One.

Velocity 2X is an action-game combining top-down space shooting with Metroidvania action-platforming. Missions begin as your spaceship takes out enemy targets, only to dock with objectives – or enemy bosses – to sow chaos from within. It’s a unique concept that seems fully realized, and looks like a blast to play.

And yet, a depressingly candid tweet thread from the studio (thanks Eurogamer) explains that while Velocity 2X established a massive playerbase thanks to a free PS Plus deal, those downloads never materialized into actual sales.

“Velocity 2X on PS4 and Vita was released for free on PS Plus. Great for downloads (well into the millions) and so there’s a big playerbase, but publishers for a sequel want to see actual unit sales,” FuturLab wrote. “We’ve tried, over and over and over to get a sequel signed. It’s the same every time. It looks and feels amazing, so everyone is interested. Until they see the actual sales of 2X.

“Pretty much any publisher you can think of has seen it. Sequel to a 90 Metacritic? Wow. Does it look great? Yep. Does it play great? Yep. Does it do new things? Hell yes. Ok, we’re interested. How many players of the previous game? Over a million. Great! How did it sell? Oh…”

FuturLab adds that the PC edition launched alongside Windows 10, prompted a game-breaking bug that took roughly a year to fix. A physical edition produced by Badland also turned out to be “a disaster” for the developer.

The good news is Velocity 2X has a Switch edition in the works, which might change everything if it sells well. “TRUTH BOMB: if you want to see the bells and whistles sequel to Velocity 2X that we have been working on in secret for years, you need to go out and buy Velocity 2X on Switch,” FuturLab writes. “This is probably your last chance to see a fully deserving sequel happen. I wouldn’t be doing this if not.”

Velocity 2X is expected to launch for the Nintendo Switch this month. If fans are lucky, a sequel titled Velocity Supernova will be released at a later date.

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