PUBG patch 20 brings new 7.62mm assault rifle, scooter, changes to third-person aiming

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 16 August 2018 12:16 GMT

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp. has rolled out a new update to the game’s test servers.

The latest PUBG patch, version 20, adds new to content to the game alongside a few fixes and quality of life improvements. Fans have been asking for a 7.62mm AR alternative to the AKM, and today’s update delivered.

Meet the Beryl M762, a 7.62mm assault rifle with 30 bullets in the magazine, expandable to 40 with an extended mag attachment. Unlike the AKM, the M762 has upper and lower rails, which means you can attach scopes as well as grips. The M762’s damage per shot is lower than the AKM’s, but it has a higher rate of fire. The new AR will spawn on all maps as floor loot.

Update 20 also added a new vehicle to Sanhok: the scooter. This two-seater Vespa replaces the traditional motorbike. It’s slower overall, and has a wider turn radius. The Tukshai (Tuk-Tuk), which PUBG Corp. has been teasing since Sanhok first entered testing, is indeed still in the works. The new vehicle’s release target has been moved to September to allow for more time to tune the physics of its three-wheel design.

There is also an important new change to third-person aiming in update 20. As it stands, the position of the third-person camera can be changed by leaning to either direction. Today’s update adds an option to the game’s menu that allows players more control over the behaviour of third-person aiming.

It’s set to right shoulder by default, meaning the camera will always be above the player’s right shoulder. This can be changed to the left shoulder, but more interestingly, there’s now an option to have the camera automatically face the direction where you last leaned.

You’re now also able to have the camera’s position follow the most recent ADS direction, which allows it to freely switch shoulders depending on the direction you last scoped. You won’t be able to force it into a particular direction by leaning in this particular setting, however.

As for quality of life improvements, update 20 overhauled the design of player markers on the map to make them more distinguishable and easier to read. Any floor loot, including weapons and ammo, will now be highlighted with an outline when you target them, to ensure visibility.

And, finally, you’ll be able to find out if the developer took action against a player you reported.

Update 20 does not yet have a release date for live servers, but you can download it right now if you have the test version installed it. The download is relatively small, at 1.3GB.

Check out the full list of patch notes below:

New weapon: Beryl M762

  • Added the Beryl M762, which is a new versatile Assault Rifle which spawns on Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok.
  • Beryl M762 uses 7.62mm ammunition and can load up to 30 rounds (40 with an extended magazine)
  • The Beryl has upper and lower rails, allowing for scopes and a grip.
  • It has lower per bullet damage than the AKM, but a higher firing rate, meaning higher DPS if you can control the kick.

New Sanhok-exclusive vehicle: Scooter

  • Added a new two-seat vehicle, the Scooter, which is exclusive to Sanhok
  • The scooter replaces motorbikes on Sanhok
  • Compared to the current motorbike, the Scooter has lower speed and an increased turning circle, but the same HP.


-Added TPP Aim Camera Position to options

  • Reset to Right Shoulder (default setting): camera will always be positioned above the character’s right shoulder
  • Reset to Left Shoulder: camera will always be positioned above the character’s left shoulder
  • Latest Peek Shoulder: camera position automatically moves to the direction you last leaned
  • Latest Aim Shoulder: camera remains in the last ADS direction. In this setting, the camera position won’t be changed by leaning while not in ADS or scoping


  • Added a key guide to the loading screen tips
  • Targeted objects are now more easily distinguishable by the highlighted outline
  • When a player is not in a group, the default team mode is set to Squad mode in the lobby. After playing any other modes, the setting will be saved to the latest one
  • Improved the design of the map markers. This is thanks to feedback that some players were confusing the previous marker design with the player icon

Anti-cheat & reporting

  • Added a report feedback system so players can receive an update when their reports have resulted in action.
  • It will show the report description, player’s name and report status.
  • Added the ability to report teammates in the team management window
  • Added two new report options to the report window

Custom match

-Added two more custom game war mode presets:

  • Bomb kit (Dodgebomb): a game mode which only uses throwables
  • VSS kit: a game mode which only uses the VSS
  • Players will now be able to access custom match settings, even if they are not the owner of the session
  • Decreased the minimum required players for starting a custom match from 10 to 8

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where tooltips for the stun grenade did not accurately reflect its in-game effects
  • Fixed an issue where characters were seen moving fast while prone when moving on slopes a certain way
  • Fixed an issue in replays where a character appears to be unarmed even though the character is armed
  • Fixed the issue where a character sometimes vaults the opposite direction while you’re time-jumping through a replay
  • Fixed the issue where the bolt-action animation doesn’t always occur during replays
  • Fixed the issue where certain sounds were not playing during replays
  • Fixed an issue where a dead player’s loot box is sometimes buried in certain locations in Miramar
  • Fixed an issue where item mesh is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the floor in the police station in El Azahar in Miramar
  • Fixed an issue where characters can sometimes get stuck between the wall and vehicle while leaving the passenger seat when the vehicle is touching a wall
  • Fixed an issue where the blood effect sometimes shows up randomly when moving in replay
  • Fixed an issue where players could see through a wall when using Painkiller, Energy Drink, Adrenaline Syringe, Medical Kit close to the wall.

Skins & items

  • PGI Team Hoodies sale has been extended
  • Sale of these items will end on Aug 21 at 7pm PT, 10pm ET – Aug 22 3am BST

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