Quake Champions is now a completely free-to-play title

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 10 August 2018 21:21 GMT

Quake Champions is now permanently free-to-play.

During QuakeCon 2018 today it was announced Quake Champions, currently in Early Access, is now a completely free-to-play title.

Free-to-play players get access to all Quickplay, Ranked and Arcade game modes and maps currently available. This includes two free Champions: Ranger and Scalebearer.

New players can unlock more Champions by completing the in-game tutorial and by earning Favor, which is the in-game currency used to unlock Champions and Backpacks. The currency is earned by playing matches.

Additionally, there’s one free Champion on rotation every week, and additional champions can be purchased using Platinum, which is the premium currency.

For a limited time, Bethesda is offering the Champions Pack which grants access to all current Champions. It also unlocks every Champion released in the future. This pack also allows players to create Custom Matches and hands over in-game rewards like the exclusive Gladiator Ranger skin.

The Champions Pack is on sale during QuakeCon 2018 for $19.79, but after that, it will instead cost $29.99 through September 4. After that date, it will return to the original $39.99 price.

Along with the free version, new updates including the Death Knight champion, have been added.

Today’s August update brings the Death Knight into the ring. The champion sports Forged Skin, which gives him immunity from fire damage, and Charring surrounds his Gauntlet in flames. It will cause fire damage over time on enemies hit with a melee attack.

Team and Solo Quickplay playlists have been removed with the update, allowing players to choose which mode they wish to play. A training mode was also added, pitting players against bots in order to practice their moves.

Another mode, TDM vs Bots has been added. Now that bots have been removed from Quickplay matchmaking, players can instead go up against them in Custom Game modes. TDM vs Bots in particular pits four players against four AI opponents.

To play Quake Champions, download the Early Access title through the Bethesda.net launcher or Steam and start shooting.

Quake Champions will remain in Early Access for a while yet, as there’s still a bit of work to be done.

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