Pokemon Quest Eevee Evolution: how to get Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon

By Alex Donaldson, Thursday, 9 August 2018 13:02 GMT

It’s a classic conundrum in any Pokemon game – how do you determine which Eevee evolution you get in Pokemon Quest?

The answer is slightly different in pretty much every Pokemon game – in Pokemon Go, it’s to do with the name of your Eeevee, while over in Pokemon Sun and Moon on 3DS it’s all to do with the evolutionary stone items – but in Pokemon Quest it’s different in yet another way, with Eevee evolution determined by an all-new, never-before-seen method.

There’s a lot unique about Pokemon Quest, of course, like how you catch Pokemon through cooking and recipes. Pokemon Evolution is generally simplified (it’s all about level now, with all evolution-based items removed) – but Eevee is a bit of an exception with a unique way of evolving. So, let’s get to it – here’s how Eevee Evolution works in Pokemon Quest…

Pokemon Quest Eevee Evolution: evolving to Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon

Okay, some housekeeping right up top: only the original 151 Kanto region Pokemon (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow on Game Boy) are available in Pokemon Quest – so that means that only the original three Eevee Evolutions are available. That’s Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon. The other Eevee Evolutions added later, including my favorite Espeon, aren’t yet available. They may be added at a later date, however.

We can also debunk a few speculated methods of evolving Eevee in Pokemon Quest right off the bat: the result of your evolution has nothing to do with the slot your Eevee is placed in, and it’s nothing to do with the name of your Eevee, unlike in Pokemon Go. So how does it work? Read on…

First up, recruit an Eevee to your camp. Eevee Evolves at Level 36. Once you’re at level 35, prepare to make changes to your Eevee in order to get it to where you want it to be in order to get the desired evolution. Which Eevee Evolution you get is based on the Attack and HP values of your Eevee – and you can edit those by equipping stones. Here’s how to get each:

  • Flareon: Attack Stat must be higher than HP stat, then hit Level 36.
  • Jolteon: Attack and HP stats must be even, or close to it. It doesn’t have to be exact – within 50-100 point should be fine. Then grow to Level 36.
  • Vaporeon: HP stat must be higher than Attack stat, then level up to 36.

All of these stats are nicely visible in the main menus of Pokemon Quest, and all you have to do is use Power Stones to adjust the Attack and HP stats, thus changing the stats to be closer to what you need for your desired evolution. By the time your Eevee is level 35 you’ll have lots of power charm slots available, so you’ll have a lot of flexibility to make things the way you need it to be. If you need more power charms, complete expeditions – they drop as rewards.

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