Origin screwup has fans thinking the Battlefield 5 beta is starting soon

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 9 August 2018 09:16 GMT

Battlefield 5 fans have been anxiously anticipating news of the beta since the closed alpha ended.

Though DICE has been quiet when it comes to revealing new Battlefield 5 information since then, a new update to EA’s Origin got fans excited again that more is coming soon.

More specifically, the tile for the Battlefield 5 alpha was updated with new information. The change was first spotted by @DANNYonPC, and the updated tile now shows two dates. August 13, which Origin listed as a pre-load date, and August 14, which is the release date. But what is this referring to, exactly?

Well, no one is really sure. Alpha tiles don’t typically get updated after testing has concluded, so we could be looking at another round of the Battlefield 5 alpha. The other theory, however, is that EA is teasing the start date of the Battlefield 5 beta.

We’re only a few days away from these dates, and one would expect EA and DICE to make a bigger deal out of beta news. DICE traditionally announces beta dates several weeks in advance, which means this is more likely a new alpha.

Adding fuel to the fire, the official Battlefield Twitter account recently started teasing some news. In response to one fan asking if they’ll be able to play more of the game, referring to the alpha, Battlefield’s Twitter had this to say:

The Origin tile for the Battlefield 5 closed alpha has since been updated again. The two dates can no longer be seen, and it now says, “No longer available on Origin,” which is more in line with what tiles for limited tests say after testing has wrapped up.

The whole thing could simply have been the result of a mistake on EA’s part, but there’s just enough smoke out there that fans just know some news is dropping soon. We’ll be here to bring you any and all new information.

The Battlefield 5 beta has not been dated, but the full game launches October 19 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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