Warriors Orochi 4 save data import bonuses announced for PC, PS4, Switch

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 4 August 2018 16:47 GMT

Warriors Orochi 4 releases in October, and Koei Tecmo has provided information on the save data bonuses.

Importing save data from Warriors Orochi 3 will provide players with bonuses when Warriors Orochi 4 is released.

According to the announcement, experience points and can be transferred over. Those who own Dynasty Warriors 9 on PS4 or Steam will also be able to transfer costumes for select characters.

How the Warriors Orochi 4 EXP transfer will work is posted below, as translated by Gematsu.

Stock EXP is EXP that can be used to level up characters. The amount of Stock EXP you receive will be equal to the total number of enemies you crushed in the game you are importing your save data from. However, the limit is 100,000.

Compatible save data:

  • PlayStation 4: Warriors Orochi 3 (PS3) and Ultimate version (PS4, PS3, Vita)
  • Switch: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

As noted above, PS4 and Steam users will be able to transfer costumes over to select characters in Orochi 4. The compatible outfits are for Daqiao, Diaochan, Wang Yuanji, Yueying, and Zhenji.

Gemtasu notes transfer options for Xbox One were not listed. This is because the Warriors Orochi 4 information was posted to the Japanese site, and it won’t be released for Xbox One in the region.

Warriors Orochi 4 releases October 16 in North America and October 19 in Europe. It will be made available for PC through Steam, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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