GTA Online: Stone Hatchet bounty unlocks Rampage ability and exclusive weapon for Red Dead Redemption 2 – watch

By Matt Martin, Friday, 3 August 2018 15:58 GMT

A new challenge in GTA Online will unlock the Stone Hatchet weapon that can be used in GTA Online as well as Red Dead Redemption 2.

Much like the treasure hunt which unlocks the double-action revolver for use in GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2, the Stone Hatchet challenge also unlocks the Rampage ability for multiple kills.

The Stone Hatchet was found in files included with the GTA Online After Hours update. Hackers forced the weapon to unlock, along with the associated treasure hunt, bounties, rampage ability and reward.

Today, the bounty went live, and here’s how you can earn the Stone Hatchet for yourself.

A text message asking you to complete a bounty will come from Maude Eccles, Trevor’s bail bonds contact from GTA 5. Maude wants you to bring 5 bounties back in total, and in return gives you coordinates for the Stone Hatchet.

Once you have the Stone Hatchet players need to get 25 kills. Once 25 enemies have been butchered, you’ll unlock a GTA$250,000 and the Stone Hatchet will become available as an exclusive weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2 when it’s released in October.

The Stone Hatchet also comes with the Rampage ability that reduces damage to the player and speeds up health regeneration. Players can keep the Rampage ability going by chaining kills.

You can watch the video of the bounty hunt below, courtesy of TGFGuru, TheMagixian and tehGramz.

And if you haven’t already uncovered the Double-Action Revolver mentioned above, keep an eye on your iFruit for the in-game email from It will lead you on a treasure hunt to recover this lost relic which includes the Headshot Challenge. It not only unlocks the revolver for use in RDR2, but earns you a cool GTA$250,000.

If you’re thinking of getting back into GTA Online, you don’t need to pay for PS Plus to play it for the next two weeks. That’s alright, innit?

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