Fortnite Week 5 Challenges: How to get free XP and Battle Stars

By Sherif Saed, Monday, 9 July 2018 16:17 GMT

After a delay of a couple of days, the Fortnite Week 5 Challenges have been out for a good while!

You’ve only got a couple more days to complete Season 4 challenges, since the Fortnite Season 5 start date is July 12th.

This week’s Challenges are the same as when they leaked a couple of days ago.It’s hardly surprising at this point, seeing as every week’s challenges in Fortnite get leaked before Epic has time to push them live. For the most part, leaked challenges turn out to be identical to the live version.

The Week 5 Challenges contain seven challenges in total, varying in difficulty. Completing each one unlocks Battle Stars which are used to unlock more tiers in the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass. Completing four of the seven grants 5K of bonus XP.

If you manage to complete all seven, you’ll unlock the blockbuster challenge, a more difficult final challenge that gives you ten Battle Stars when cleared.


Fortnite Week 5 Challenges:

  • Deal 500 damage with SMGs to opponents – 5 Stars
  • This an easy one to start with, it just takes a bit of time to finish. All you need to do is use an SMG to deal damage to enemies. 500 damage is five kills from full health, or two and a half with full shields.

  • Search seven Chests in Dusty Divot – 5 Stars
  • Dusty Divot is always crowded and tough to stay alive in because of all the lines of sight in the open area. You don’t have to complete the challenge in one game, so we suggest dropping straight into Dusty Divot straight from the Battle Bus so other players haven’t had time to find guns yet. Chests can spawn in the north, south, east and west of the centre of the Divot, with the locations lining up nicely as if they were points on a compass. You can also find a couple in the extreme north of the area, in the ruined warehouse.

  • Use a jetpack – 5 Stars
  • Couldn’t get easier than this; all you need to do is use a jetpack once. The trick is to find one, of course. For once, you won’t be annoyed that your chest spat one out instead of a legendary assault rifle.

  • Dance with others to raise the Disco Ball near Loot Lake – 5 Stars
  • This is a hard one, since it relies on other people – and other people are awful. We’ve put together a guide on how to dance with others to raise the Disco Ball near Loot Lake.

  • Follow the treasure map found in Greasy Grove – 10 Stars
  • We’ve found the Greasy Grove treasure map location, check out our guide if you’re in need of help.

  • Get two minigun or light machine gun eliminations – 10 Stars
  • A simple task of eliminating two enemies with the minigun or light machine gun. Assuming you have one in your inventory, you can use either of the two to finish off an enemy even if you used a different gun to down them.

  • Eliminate three opponents in Lucky Landing – 10 Stars
  • A combination of luck and anticipation, this challenge may take the longest or the shortest to complete, depending on where you land and how quickly you get a gun.

If you missed last week’s Week 4 Challenges, check the link for our guide to all.

This week has also seen a big change in the way Fortnite works, with the implementation of the game’s first vehicle: the Shopping Cart.

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