Where to find Pillars of Eternity 2 quest items – Shark meat, Spyglass, Plucked Fruit

By James Billcliffe
11 May 2018 12:52 GMT

Pillars of Eternity 2 is awesome. Obsidian Entertainment’s isometric RPG has delivered on its crowdfunding promises in nearly every way, folding deep systems and nuanced quests into a satisfyingly neat package. But with almost all RPGs, there are going to be some roadblocks where you just can’t find the item you need. So to lend a helping hand we’ve put together a list of commonly missed items that some people are having trouble finding.

Beware of minor spoilers for location names, romanceable characters and quest steps, so stick the description of the specific item you want if you’re worried.

Where to find the Spyglass in Pillars of Eternity 2:

A Spyglass is useful in many different situations, and you’ll encounter tons of interactions with it throughout your journey. Most often, you can use your spyglass to get a better look at ships you pass. But you’ll also need a Spyglass if you want to do the stealthy approach to Fort Deadlight, so it’s an important item to have.

You can purchase a Spyglass from the capital city of the Deadfire archipelago, Neketaka. Travel to the Queen’s Berth area and enter Sanza’s Map Emporium. Here a Spyglass will cost you 5,000 coins. You should also be able to buy one from most merchants that carry ship equipment. If you don’t want to pay though, we’ve also seen reports that you can find them by searching shipwrecks that you come across – so get salvaging.

Where to find Shark Meat in Pillars of Eternity 2:

You’ll need Shark Meat as part of the process of romancing Maia. To keep the flame of romance alive, you have to find some Shark Meat to feed to her feathered bird chum, Ishiza. It’s not super hard if you know where to look. You can buy Shark Meat from a merchant on Sayuka, an island due north and a little west of the capital Neketaka.

Plucked Fruit in Pillars of Eternity 2:

Plucked Fruit is a Task that appears during Act 2 of the game. When you’ve visited the Tikawara settlement and spoken to the tribespeople about the man tied to a pole in the village. You’ll be tasked with solving the mystery of who stole the last of the Koiki fruit.

To gain more insight, you have to interrogate the tribespeople and get them to reveal what they know. Like your quest journal says, speak to Pekeho. If you can, use your persuasive skills to weasel some info out of Pekeho and the drying hut will be mentioned. Otherwise, speak to Tamau on the pole and he’ll mention the drying hut.

When you go to the drying hut in the northeast of the village, there will be some kaora reeds that you can pick up. This will point you in the direction of the trading area, so go and speak to Rongi there.

Rongi will be “particularly dismissive” of the idea that the tied up man is innocent. You can follow him to the beach in the southwest of the village at midnight and question him there. This will reveal that the Koiki fruit is hidden on that beach. You can then collect the cache and return it to Mukūmu, choosing who you want to get punished for the crime.

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