No, Epic isn’t sending out any Fortnite Android beta invites

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 9 May 2018 13:03 GMT

You’ve probably seen that Fortnite Android beta invite email making the rounds, with news that the Android beta is starting soon.

This email is a fake. Not only that, Fortnite developer Epic Games has confirmed that it’s a phishing scam.

According to Game Revolution, several YouTubers showed this email to their viewers in videos, saying that they’ve been invited to the Fortnite Android beta.

The email looks legit enough (there’s no shortage of misleading YouTube channels showing it), but it all falls apart when you take a closer look.

The most telling sign is the domain the email came from, which is not an official Epic Games domain. But even if you don’t typically fall for these sorts of emails, the sheer number of big YouTube channels talking about it means some will inevitably think it’s true.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t click any links in the email, if you did receive one.

Fortnite rumours and fake “leaks” are a dime a dozen, especially on the cesspool of popular YouTube content, but this one got the attention of Epic Games more than others.

Right now, Fortnite Mobile is only available on iOS. Epic Games previously said the game is coming to Android, but the developer has not announced a date just yet, and there’s definitely no betas currently running.

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