Fortnite: where to follow the treasure map found in Tomato Town

By Kirk McKeand, Thursday, 3 May 2018 13:40 GMT

The new Fortnite challenges are here, so it’s time to go on a treasure hunt across Fortnite Island.

This week, you’ll be heading to Tomato Town to track down the treasure map.

This is part of Season 4’s Week 1 Fortnite challenges, where you can earn extra Battle Stars and XP for your trouble. You will only be able to take part if you have a Battle Pass, of course.

For completing the challenge “Follow the treasure map found in Tomato Town“, you get 10 stars. And when you complete four of the seven challenges, you earn 4,000 XP.

Where is the Tomato Town Treasure Map?

Have a scour around Tomato Town to track down the map itself if you want to do the challenge the proper way. Saying that, you could just follow our guide to go straight for the treasure.

Follow the treasure map found in Tomato Town treasure location

To track down the treasure itself, you need to head to Loot Lake. On the east side of Loot Lake, there is a sunken boat sticking out of the water. Head up to it and scoop up the Battle Star to complete the challenge. Here’s a map:

As you can see, it’s located at E4.

As always, you have to complete the match to complete the challenge – you can’t just find the star then quit out immediately. No doubt someone will snipe you as soon as you grab it anyway.

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