PUBG’s big PC test patch is here: re-balancing weapons and adding a new DMR, new vehicle and much more

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 26 April 2018 15:22 GMT

The biggest patch for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds so far this year has just hit test servers.

At a high level, PUBG’s patch 12 is full of additions the developer previously talked about. The weapon balance overhaul, and the map selection are just some of the bigger beats.

Update 12 also adds a new 7.62 DMR, the SLR, and a new vehicle to Miramar. Miramar itself is also seeing a few updates such expanding the recently added oasis region, a reduction to the number of buildings in some towns, the addition of cover in open spaces, and more.

Other surprise additions include a host of new weapon attachments, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Shotguns get the Duckbill, while assault rifles, SMGs and DMRs get the Light Grip, Thumb Grip, and the Half Grip.

You’ll also find two new scopes: the 3x, and the 6x, which has two magnification options (3x or 6x). The 3x is a common drop while the 6x is rare. On the subject of scopes, the patch lets you change the reticle style (crosshair, circle etc.) and the colour of the reticle on some scopes.

Gameplay changes are plentiful in this update, too, with an overhaul to swimming animations and the time it takes to hold your breath under water to prevent underwater swimming from being used as a way of avoiding fire for most of the journey across.

Grenades have had their weight increased, but they now do more damage. Level three helemets, as previously announced, are now only limited to airdrops, though you’re guaranteed to get one in every drop.

Likewise, extended and quickdraw magazines for snipers have been limited to care packages. For assault rifles, the spawn rate of extended quickdraw mags has been decreased. You’ll be seeing more of the Adrenaline syringe now that it has a chance to spawn alongside normal loot.

As far as weapon damage updates, pistol damage has been increased across the board. Shotguns’ effective range has been extended, and their spread has been reduced by 25%.

Assault rifles damage for all except the Groza and the AKM has been reduced. Reload times have been increased by 30% for the M16A4, M416, and the SCAR-L, whereas the AKM only got a 10% increase. Scopes that are 8x or higher can no longer be used with any AR.

SMG damage has been increased for all except the Tommy Gun, and they’ll now also do more damage to limbs. Vertical recoil has been decreased across the board, and so has scope sway when ADSing.

For DMRs, only the VSS and Mini14 got a damage buff, the rest remain unchanged – with the exception of the SKS which actually got nerfed. Overall, though, shot modifiers for all body parts have been increased. DMRs will now also be harder to control thanks to increased vertical and horizontal recoil, and a decrease in recoil recovery rate.

PUBG Corp. did not say when this patch will be available on live servers, but it did confirm that it’ll be spending longer than usual on test servers until it’s satisfied with the results.

You can download it now and test out the changes for yourself. It’s a bigger download than usual, at 9.7GB.

Check out the full list of changes on Steam.

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