Fortnite: Search the Hidden Gnome in different named locations to discover the creepy laughing

By Kirk McKeand, Wednesday, 25 April 2018 15:41 GMT

My god, it’s full of stars. Battle Stars, that is. The Fortnite Week 7 challenge will have you scouring the map for the locations of Hidden Gnomes.

As part of Fortnite’s Week 7 challenges, players are tasked with mooching about and trying to find these potted pals.

Hopefully you have plenty of patience. Or, you know, you could just use our guide.

Unlike Fortnite’s Week 5 gas station challenge, this one can be done over different matches, so you don’t need to do it all in one go, fortunately – not that the storm would let you.

Fortnite Hidden Gnome locations

All across Fortnite’s map are locations that are named: Retail Row, Salty Springs, Titled Towers, etc.

What is the creepy laughing in Fortnite?

To complete this challenge, you have to find the gnomes at these different locations. If you are near a gnome, much like with the chests, you will hear an audio clue that there’s one nearby – a manic little laugh.

You can usually find them tucked behind furniture within buildings. Once you find one, you must hold the interact button on the critter and it will disappear from the map. Yes, you need to be fast and get them before other players do.

Here are the Hidden Gnome locations in Fortnite:

Tomato Town Hidden Gnome

This one is tucked behind some furniture in the back office of the main restaurant.

Haunted Hills Hidden Gnome

This one is on the ground under one of the main archways. Here’s a video:

Lucky Landing Hidden Gnome

This Hidden Gnome is in the bathroom of a northeastern building.

Retail Row Hidden Gnome

Head to the water tower on the eastern side and it’s in the shack there.

Greasy Grove Hidden Gnome

Go inside the burger restaurant and you will find it in one of the bathrooms.

Snobby Shores Hidden Gnome

In the house at the far south, go into the bunker underneath, hidden behind the wardrobe. It’s in the bathroom.

Salty Springs Hidden Gnome

Go into the basement of the middle broken building and you will find the gnome under the stairs.

Flush Factory Hidden Gnome

Inside the main factory, the gnome is hidden in the painted toilets.

While searching, you will likely have to contend with other players doing the same, so keep your guard up. It’s hard to look for Hidden Gnomes when you have a sniper round buried in your head.

For the other big challenge in Fortnite Week 7, here is where to search for to follow the Treasure Map found in Retail Row.

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