Fortnite: Moisty Mire treasure map location

By James Billcliffe, Wednesday, 25 April 2018 16:00 GMT

The new Fortnite challenges are here, so it’s time again to scour the map in search of precious booty.

The location you’re looking for this week is the Moisty Mire treasure map.

This is part of the week 9 Fortnite challenges, where you can earn extra Battle Stars and XP for your trouble.

For completing the challenge “follow the treasure map found in Moisty Mire“, you get 10 stars. And when you complete four of the seven challenges, you earn 4,000 XP.

Where is the Moisty Mire Treasure Map?

First things first, you have to jump out of the battle bus and head to Moisty Mire, where you’ll find this map:

Based on the triangular formation of trees, you can tell that the clue is pointing you toward an area south east of Retail Row – which you can see circled in the image below:

From this formation, just like the map says, you have to walk in a straight line toward a house. You can see from the compass point in the top right of the original map though, that you don’t walk straight up, but to the left.

You need to go to the house circled in this second image below:

When you make it there, the giant Battle Star should just be on top of the house.

As always, you have to complete the match to complete the challenge – you can’t just find the star then quit out immediately. But so many people will be trying to do the challenges, it shouldn’t be too hard to get killed.

Another difficult challenge this week is to visit different Taco Shops in a single match – luckily we’ve got a map of to show you where they all are.

All of this comes after the v3.5.2 content update, which introduced LMGs to Fortnite as well as a limited time 50v50 game mode.

While you’re here – do you think Tilted Towers is going to get destroyed by a comet?

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