Radical Heights questions answered: Can you play duo, are there bots, how to fix the green screen error

By James Billcliffe, Wednesday, 11 April 2018 12:34 GMT

Boss Key Productions’ new battle royale Radical Heights has just dropped – or skydived – on Steam. And while it’s a pretty fun experience will loads of cool ideas already, the game is in “Xtreme” early access, so until the developers have had time to tighten things up, there are going to be plenty of bugs that need squishing.

Here are a few answers to common questions we’ve seen popping up online: Can you play Duos with friends? Does Radical Heights have bots? And how do you fix the green screen error that some people are getting?

Can you play Duo in Radical Heights?

Yes, you can play Duo with another friend in Radical Heights. However, there was some confusion when the game first came out because of a bug that meant you couldn’t select the option from the menu.

The in-game friends list was bugged too, which made it difficult to join up with a party, but it all seems to be working alright now. Developer Boss Key promised to scale up to support Squads at some point soon, however.

Does Radical Heights have bots?

Yes, AI bots will sometimes be used fill up servers when there aren’t enough human players. You can’t create your own custom games against bots, but they’ll help get the lobby to 100 players to speed up the start.

It ensures that most games start with the full 100 players on the map. This is due to server stability, so that Radical Heights can reliably create games this early on in its development, and it could change down the line.

If you land in the right spots in-game, you can pick up a ton of kills from “players” rushing towards you without weapons, even when you’ve mown down three or four already. The Twitch clip from Upliftt below shows what we mean:

How do you fix the Radical Heights Green Screen error?

Sometimes in Radical Heights, parts or all of the screen can be obscured by green – which is definitely not what you want when you’re trying to play. This is quite a common bug that’s similar to what happens when your graphics card is broken.

There are reports that you can fix it by restarting the game and your computer a couple of times.

But a more reliable way to fix the green screen bug is to run Radical Heights in windowed mode. You do this by clicking “Options” in the main menu, then scrolling down to “Main Menu Window Mode” and “In Match Window Mode” and clicking right twice to get to “Windowed”.

You can also try running it in “Borderless Window” instead.

Is Radical Heights cross-platform?

Radical Heights’ battle royale rivals like Fortnite support cross-platform play with consoles and mobile. But since Radical Heights is currently only available on Steam, it doesn’t support cross-platform play.

Is Radical Heights coming to PS4 or Xbox One?

There are reports that Boss Key is considering a console release on PS4 and Xbox One. And since Radical Heights is built using Unreal Engine 4, it’s not a huge undertaking to port it to console from PC.

Early Access games rarely appear on PS4 – at least not with the same frequency as Steam – and the 1.0 version of Radical Heights is currently slated for a 2019 release, so unless Boss Key strike a deal with Xbox Game Preview expect a console version around then.

We quite like the game, even if it is very, very early and very, very rough. For more, check out our hands-on preview with Radical Heights.

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