New God of War Trailer shows off progression system and customisable armour for Kratos

By James Billcliffe, Monday, 9 April 2018 16:08 GMT

It’s not long until God of War drops worldwide, but a new trailer released by Sony today showed off some more of the game’s progression system and customisable armour for Kratos.

Kratos can now collect and craft armour that boosts a range of stats: Strength, Runic, Defence, Vitality, Luck and Cooldown.

The different armour pieces change how Kratos looks in-game, and allow you to tailor his abilities more to your personal playstyle.

“What we wanted to do was make sure that all the customisation that we offered to player fed directly into the core loop of the game,” Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog said.

“All of Atreus’ core abilities, all of Kratos’ core abilities, as well as his reactions, the cool-downs and how fast those go. All of your damage, as well as your ability to take damage, all of those things are factors that you can have control over.”

Players will also be able to gain new abilities to suit their playstyle. There will be a variety of skill trees which allow you to gain new skills for your axe, increase Kratos’ proficiency in hand-to-hand combat or improve his defence capabilities.

“This God of War game is definitely the biggest one we’ve ever made. There’s a lot of content. And we wanted to make sure that out of all the players playing, everybody plays it a different way,” Jason McDonald, lead gameplay designer at Sony Santa Monica, said.

“We just want players to have choice. We want players in the game with a different Kratos as somebody else’s Kratos, even though they’re still Kratos at the end of the day.”

This latest trailer builds on the one release last week, that showed a little bit of how loot and hidden chests work in the game.

We also learnt recently that God of War will have four difficulty modes, including the hardest “Give Me God of War” mode which changes up enemy attack patterns to make things more difficult on top of the usual buffs to health.

God of War is out for PS4 on April 20.

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