Ali-A’s top 5 Fortnite tips

By Kirk McKeand, Friday, 6 April 2018 15:59 GMT

Are you still struggling to bag a Victory Royale in Fortnite? We spoke to prominent YouTuber Ali-A to source you some survival tips.

Coming from PUBG to Fortnite is a shock. It is a perfectly viable tactic in PUBG to cower in a bathroom with your gun pointed at the only entrance. The same tricks won’t work in Epic Games’ shooter, however.

Fortnite is faster-paced, the map is smaller, there are still 100 players battling it out, and that wall behind you? Someone might break through it and shoot you in the back of the head. Even if you are used to traditional shooters, you really have to get into a different mindset to take home the win here.

Here are some Fortnite tips from Ali-A himself to get you closer to that number one spot:

Learn to build efficiently

The best players in the game are people that are really good at building. If you’re getting shot at and you’re not building straight away? There’s your first mistake.

Make sure you build as quickly as possible – a quick 1×1, it’s called. You put four walls around you and a ramp in the middle. Learn to do that quickly and you’ll already be a lot better.

Be smart with loot

Don’t always hold five weapons. Be sure you’ve always got a spare healing item in the form of a medkit or bandages, and also some spare shields in the form of full shields or mini shields.

You need weapons to take people on, but you never want to be holding five weapons, get shot up a bit, come out having won that gunfight, but then you’ve got no way to heal. Always be aware of that.

Count your enemies

When it gets to the end of the game, try to count how many players are around. Just the top ten, top five, I try to count where players are. So if it’s, say, top five, and I can see four bases in front of me, I then know where the rest of the players are.

There’s myself, there are four little bases, and I can try to methodically work my way through which ones will be the smartest to take out, or even just let them shoot at each other so you can come in at the end and clean up. Counting players, when you do get to that top position, it’s a good way of being aware.

Sometimes I make the mistake of not counting how many people are left. The other day, I was in a 1v1 and I didn’t realise – I thought there were loads more people on the map. So, rather than engaging with the final person, I was trying to build to get away from them and they ended up killing me. If I had been aggressive, I probably would have killed them.

Keep playing

Don’t expect to win all the time. Keep playing. Play it slow. If you’re a new player, there’s nothing wrong with avoiding gunfights.

Play other shooters

Playing other shooting games that aren’t Fortnite, that are a little bit faster paced, is a good way to get your accuracy in check. I come from a background where I played a lot of Call of Duty, where you’re getting into an engagement every 20 or 30 seconds, so accuracy has to be really quick and really on-point.

One thing you don’t get with Fortnite is, if you’re not a good player and you keep on dying, you aren’t getting the gunfight experience. That’s why other games are sometimes a good way to practice your shooting.

Check back to VG247 next week for our big interview with Ali-A, about early life, success, switching from COD to Fortnite, and being a good role model to his younger fans.

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