GTA Online’s new Target Assault Races mode puts you behind the wheel of weaponized vehicles

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 3 April 2018 17:05 GMT

A new mode has been added to the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series in GTA Online. The Vapid Caracara is also available starting today.

Target Assault Races is a new mode in GTA Online where two players team up inside a weaponized vehicle.

One players takes charge as the driver, while their partner works as the gunner. The latter is tasked with destroying targets using a mounted gun, while the driver “races to outmaneuver the opposition” for additional points on each lap.

Points are earned for hitting targets. Score more points for smaller targets, and even more for hitting each in the center.

After each lap, the driver and gunner switch roles. The team which finishes with the most points wins. Players who finish in the top three and pass through all checkpoints will earn bonus points.

Target Assault Races are available starting today with seven “unique tracks” featuring various assault-themed vehicles, including the Vapid Caracara. The new vehicle can be purchased through from Warstock Cache & Carry.

Players will earn double cash and RP all week in the new mode.

Various discounts are also available through April 9 for GTA Online players. The Mammoth Avenger is 30% off, and discounts on Weapon and Vehicle Workshops are also available.

The Premium Race is this week in GTA Online is Lift Off and locked to Super. The Time Trial is Observatory.

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